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Help to improve team

Can this be we’re people ask how to improve like me


That’s a pretty good team you got there. The only input I’m going to add is that Sarcorixis is probably better than Spinotahraptor, even at a lower level. Levelled up it’d definitely be worth running.


But I don’t have nundasuchus in my previous account I know that he’s really good but I just don’t have dna

What legendary should I work too now I am working towards dracocero but I thing Draco is better is monometridon good? I hear a lot of good things about it after 2. 0

And for me spinotha is better as it has bleed and 2 impacts

They’re both very good, and would definitely make good additions to your team. They will definitely get you very far.

OK but do you think kool is a good one for me it’s really as beavers say in jwtg “the T Rex killer”

And who should I boost I put 1 attack and speed in gamma and 1 health in tylo to me I think I can do without legendaries as my epic hybrids are way better

This is my local

But have not seen gorgosuchus and orano

Sorry but I have to sleep now it’s late for me

Hey thanks @Qaw scarco really helped me more than spino I just got dimo should I switch it for anything

Should I level up my ankylocodon I just want to keep it at level 10 just in case it gets a epic super hybrid

And started on draco

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Dimo isn’t bad, but it’s pretty gimmicky. It isn’t really better than any of the creatures you’re currently using, but feel free to try it out, you might like it.
Only level Ankylocodon if you’re sure you’re going to use it. The ingredients aren’t too hard to get, the risk of a superhybrid is yours to judge.
Good luck with Dracoceratops.

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Thanks and I should work towards monometridon right? If so I need to level the two of them up but I don’t want to waste coins
Here is my full team I have a lot of tarbo what to do with it

Yeah, Monolometrodon is very good, but only level them up if you’re sure you’ll be able to collect enough DNA to create it soon.
Tournaments are a good way to earn coins, you can also save up HC to buy them in the market.
For now it’s probably best to just keep hoarding Tarbo. You probably won’t need it anytime soon.

Looking at your team, have you considered switching Brachi out and pulling in Grypo? The crocs are pretty useful for players of all levels.

Dimodactylus is a very useful bleeder in a team of swappers. Depends on your play style.

Best advice really is to focus on dinos that you really like. Dart as much as you can, and spin supply drops to max out coins.
A good alliance is also very helpful.

Should I put green becky/rat/Yoshi in my team

And should I level up carbonemys or work towards smilomemys

You can use Procerathomimus if you want, but, simply put, it’s really bad.
As for Carbonemys, the choice is yours. If you see yourself playing long enough to unlock Uniques, then save up DNA.

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I am also slowly working towards monometridon and what should be my third legendary

And this is my new local


Ankylosaurus is very valuable, so it would be wise to stock up on that.

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Oh OK just realised he was in idk why