[HELP] Very tempting bundle weekend offers

Guys I need some support here.
Today 2 very tempting bundle offers showed in Durnan’s Shop.

For only € 120 you can buy 2 red chests and 100k golds! But…for the same € 120 you can also buy 2 red chests and 175k golds! What would you choose and why?

Wow, they are scamming Euros. The cost for the Lightfinger Estate Bundle is only $50. The advertised cost in Euros is 260% higher (€120 converted to $130 US).

Regardless of this unfavorable conversion, it is often cheaper to buy the bundled items independently. I would compare the cost of purchasing gems to buy these items vs the bundle cost. The value of these bundles and Offers often favor the developer. While I do not know the Euro cost for gems, these deals do not appear favorable.

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Thank you Orloch.

I’d never buy one of these packs, just wanted to show how absurd were these two bundle.

Having said that…I think the difference between USD and Euro is crazy! @Ned can anyone from Ludia explain this huge and unfair difference?

Hey Fizbanius, could I ask you to please reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with a screenshot of the offer? Our team will be able to provide some additional information.