Help, what am i doing wrong?😭


I know other players in Sorna Marshes have battle problems. I was in Lockdown, worked hard to get near Arena 7. But now i’m losing every battle, so i dropped to Badlands. Am i the only one? Any tips or trics?


What’s your team like?


No I have the same problem. I noticed that at 2700 trophies they paired me in battle with someone at the top of the leaderboard who had 5000 trophies. Like how am I suppose to get ahead. But all the comments we basically rude saying you win some or lose some. I understand that. But not when you win one and lose 10. I haven’t been able to get ahead at all anymore after the last update.



At level 10 this is what my team looked liked as of July 14th, month and a half of playing. I’d suggest working on the easier hybrid counterparts like nodopatosaurus > stegodeus or amargocephalus > tragodistis.

Try to dump the common tanks when you can get more hybrids on your team, and save the stego for stegodeus. Work on acquiring the gorgosuchus aswell, it’s a very easy dino to acquire and level up, and does wonders on the battle field. Raptor are a bit iffy and I’d stay far away from them, superiority strike renders them quite useless these days. ( not including utasino/ pyrrit)

my team before the raptor debuff :joy:


Thank you for your advice. I’m working at the hybrides.:+1:


I dropped from 2800 all the way back to the badlands. It’s whatever. I don’t have the time or money to actually get good dinos. Take me about 2 months just to get decent hybrids. And I’m not even close to getting a legendary. Maybe by next year I’ll have one. Lol


Did notice sorna was a lot harder, but I’m now busy dropping arenas to get DNA I need for hybrids as the DNA I need does not spawn near me


Actually I am one of those “you win some, you loose some” people, as I am a almost free player and don’t mind trophies climbing, as soon as I can run my incubators. But also I always ask this on people who want to have advices on what to improve: what dinos are you facing in this moment? I suggest you to read this good metahub thread

Don’t matter if it is old, there are many important things to keep in mind when setting up your team that are still up to date.


Your team is no where near ready for sorna, no offense. I know it gets old hearing it but keep grinding. If you progress too quickly youll just get slaughtered back down… You always level off where you belong


Hi, I know i’ m not ready for Sorna. But i was wondering if it was just me and what i was doing wrong. I toke a nosedive 2960 trophies to 2400. :scream: I’m free to play, with a lot nightshifts​:laughing: That’ s my luck.
I’ m busy with hunting for DNA for hybrides. Maybe that is just what is killing me.


I think I got lucky with regard to my choices as far as grinding/leveling to arena ratios. I didnt get bogged down till close to 4000 but I also dont fight often and when I see Im slipping I shy away and only battle when I need an incubator. Look carefully at what you need for the eaaier hybrids and focus your efforts and youll be climbing in no time


I’m hunting for karposuchus, but he does’nt like to get shot by me. :thinking:


i would say this is what you are doing wrong


Then maybe you need to focus on a dino easy for you to farm, with regular spawnings in your local zone. This is a good medium-term strategy, cause a good lev 20 dino can hit hard compared to level 15 average. Just remember not to waste dna that you will need for future hybrids (like stegosauro: his relative Stegodeo is a super beast and you need 500 stegosauro dna per single fusion).

I think Einasuco is the best choice for you at the moment, Einosauro and Nundasuco are global spawning at night/dawn/dusk so you can easilly level up this hybrid. Plus, Sarcorixis is not usable in battle so no problem to upgrade Einasuco above 15. :wink:


isnt that the beauty of it? the longer you get to enjoy the game