Help with alliance

Hi guys, I am currently looking for an entry level alliance welcoming players with level between 8-12.
These are active beginner players from our alliance who play daily, help with alliance mission, but are simply too young to keep up with our pace. I see that we have a supportive community here with top players running amazing alliances, which is great. However it is those young players who need more help and guidance from an alliance in order to grow and thrive, and unfortunately it is quite challenging for them to be joining one.

If you are an entry level alliance in short of young players or if you simply have vacancies for one or two, I would like to hear from you and forward them there. All they need is an active alliance with some small push, DNA donation and little guidance here and there. It would be super helpful if anyone has opening or recommendations. Thanks!

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This issue has been gladly resolved :smiley:. Thanks for all the help and attention.