Help with battle team

I keep having losing streaks where I may only win once pit of ten times recently. I was just hoping maybe someone could give some suggestions on my battle team based on what I have here. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Replace Trex with Ankylocodon and start working on creating Stegodeus/Tragodistis. You currently lack any tanks. Very important foundation for a balanced team.

No no… Keep rex, switch Kentro

Need a good tank and maybe a bleeder… level that Suchotator up… I did that weeks ago and it was worth it… Plus it’s a nullifier, which is also something you’ll need

Level up that Allosaurus and switch it with Kentrosaurus and then you can switch the Velociraptor with Spinotahraptor.You need to work on another legendary dinosaur.Level up your
Indominus Rex too.