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Help with code 19s please

Im pretty good with the tapping ones and sliders the one i need help with is the one that you trace… Anybody got tactics for that?

@Sionsith’s video will help you here.


Got it! I wish there would be like a code 19 training area


YES! Even though they show you some pictures telling you what to do, it isn’t enough to prepare you for hard ones


Honestly, after doing Code 19s regularly for a year, I still cannot consistently hit those sliders. Some of us just have really crappy reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Here’s a post I did some time ago on Code 19 tips.


:slight_smile: I have made a great improvement since we had talked about this earlier. Still messing up with the thoughest ones, amphibians, but yeah practice definitely makes it perfect, at least decent haha. But I believe when we put our clumsiness aside :grimacing:, lags have a great effect on the final results where you have practically no chance to make a single mistake to earn the full prize. But I also believe that if I fill up my paddocks in the future, especially the ones with super rares and upper, I may be earning much more DNAs even I do single mistakes in each try. :slight_smile: Thanks to your good advices. :slight_smile: @Mary_Jo

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Best advice, do code 19 on a larger screen. Far easier doing code 19 on a iPad than iPhone. I am sure the same going to android tablet over an android phone.

It also helps me to have my pad on a good solid surface. The dna is nice, but the sdna is the real prize.


Yep i play on a tablet