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Help with compyc

So I’ve managed to unlock compyc and would like to put him on my team. However Im not sure how to use him. I tried and I struggled. I only have it at a level 21 for now and im at 4800 trophies. Most of the rest of my team is 26-28. Am I asking too much out of it at this level or so I just need to learn how to use him?

If your opponent creature is faster, I would do the resurrection attack the first move otherwise the 2nd if your first compy was taken out in the first round.

These compy’s can’t be speed decreased so if your finding your getting faster creatures pulled on you, you may want to invest speed boosts but that’s after playing with these a while to decided if they are really team worthy for boost investment.

They have swap in 100% distraction which will be a plus in needing to swap on a distractible creature in order not to have a death. I would not use these as starters for this purpose.

We have 9 compy attempts the next couple days so get them all and get your compy leveled up one or two if your lucky to 23 which should help.

Actually, this will not work from my experience. The effect happens at the start of the turn, so you have 3 members at the start, so it will attack x2 and you will not get a new member. This is why dodocevia can use decoy at 1 member when it originally started with 2 that turn, but not when it starts at 1 member


As @Oriondestiny said, invest a lot in speed boosts if you want to use the compyc. Health isn’t really necessary because an individual flock member will practically always get 1-shot killed, but attack is a good idea to invest in as well. At level 21, I would suggest something like 4/7/10

I fall on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to other replies above. To me, health is the most important stat for CompyC in conjunction with speed. Attack is the least important stat to boost with these guys.

For starters, rally heal is based on health, not attack like it is for other healing moves. So while @IndoraptorSupremacy makes a good point about most creatures one shotting any flock member, if you have enough health+a distraction move you can survive an attack without losing a flock member, in theory at least.

CompyC is versatile. It can be used in a lot of different ways. As an opener in secure state it can unleash Alert Scurry as a rampage move. I then like to swap it out, if the situation calls for it, then swap it back in later to use Alert Scurry and rally heal. Instant distraction is a great, underrated swap in move to use when you know your opponent won’t cleanse the distraction.

Speed is also important because you do want to outpace things like the Nitro Thors particularly.

I look at CompyC as a creature used to chip health away from others, not necessarily as something to do as much damage as possible

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This is my current set up for CompyC. I was in a similar situation to you when I first unlocked it. I don’t think it really started keeping up with my team until it hit around level 25 with some boosts added on but it still held its own depending on the situation. My ideal set up is 147 speed to outpace any Nitro Thor and high health.

Currently I have 4 health boosts on it which means whatever attacks me needs to be able to do at least 1,374 damage in order to kill off one member of my flock. If I’m faster and can get off a distracting move before then, I like my chances. With more health boosts the rally heal will be larger and I can absorb more damage while still chipping away at their health.

This is my current team, for today at least. I won, lost and won on the three battles I did. I won with all flocks and with 2 flocks & 2 Scorpius’s.

This is a way to try out and find the best use of any of these flocks is to have all of them and use all of them. There is some trial and error and I do run into their counters but most don’t have them and can only take out one at a time.

The rare compy’s are a good starter as they can hit, hit-n-run or hit, hit, hit-n-run if my opponent doesn’t have a slowing move. You take the chance they swap in a Draco or Rhino which has been done to me a couple times waiting to hit-n-run or just hit on the last bird in any flock.

These are all just fun to play although makes for longer battles but they change the dynamics of play. The new monster in the game may be these little gnats.


I was able to get them up to level 23 but without boost they just can’t keep up. I can annoy for the most part but anything with lots of health just eats em up.