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Help with Earth Shattering events

Hi guys,

I’m trying to complete the two earth shattering events right now, more importantly the pterosaur one as I don’t have that Dino and would help level up my badge beacon. But I’m struggling on round 3 of both of them. This is my lineup. By looking at it, is it even possible or just very difficult and I need to change something?

Thanks in advance!

Your best 3 creatures can easily take on the opponents in both cases.

Put in order of Prionosuchus, Sarcosuchus and Ichthyostega for bird. Priono is for reserves and as a sacrifice, try to take out Darwin with Sarco and finish with Ichthyo.

Second case, put in order of Therizinosaurus, Unaysaurus and Labyrinthosaurus. Same strategy.


If you play efficiently, with your top 3 creatures, you can easily complete the events.


Thanks both, I figured I should be able to but every time I try build up reserves from my first Dino, typically they 2 hit kill it in their move. If I use one reserve and one shield, they don’t even attack. :unamused:

I just have to keep trying I guess. Trying to be smart with my shields but it didn’t work on either fight the last time.


learning how the bots think is very useful too