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Help with final battle of kentrosaurus cot

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I was thinking lvl 10 pterodactylus, lvl 26 concavenator, then lvl 20 diplo

Why lv10 pterodactylus? Lv1 alanqa will do the same job.

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Cera, diplo, yudon.

Make him waste a go switching to tany, fodder off cera, ko tany with diplo, diplo and yudon cleans up the rest.


Yudon, Concavenator, Diplosuchus.

Use reserves both first and second turn. This should get you to 6 points total. Using fodder main main strat will only hurt you because of how much HP Tany has. With Diplo being your best amphib you are starved for powerful and tanky amphibs.

As long as you have enough points to do 3 blocks when your Diplo is last, you would survive against Tarbo and win.


Level 1 common
Any Carnivore with at least 1347 health and at least 846 attack
Diplo 20

Reserve first
Then attack 2 and block 1
From there you just decide if you can survive by blocking, if not, reserve all and let Diplo handle the last 2.

Just be careful if AI gets stuck in block 4 pattern. It’s common in CoT. Just keep reserving 4 and blocking 4 until he attacks 4, then take him out.

Edit: if you don’t want to risk using level 1 common first as @OstaposaurusBae has mentioned, I would go with an amphibian with at least 1164 health. My strategy when the AI has two of the same class types is to keep the odd one in the first spot so my last dino will have an advantage on both.


Ill have ostaposaurus very soon!

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Who needs yudon? lol


Me :cry:

Shes next on the list to unlock though.

Congrats btw.


What what??? You dont have i raptor or i raptor gen 2 yet?

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All part of the plan.

I made a decision to not make indoraptors, at least not just yet anyway, will be fun to add them to the lineup and they will still be way way down it eh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


WHat? How??? How. Thats 40k raptor dna. 40k

We couldn’t switch out raptor sdna until a couple updates ago, which I’m kinda glad of really as I’ve built up a healthy stash since I started playing the game.

No doubt modded PvP has contributed to that sum aswell.

I would probably geuss I’m not the only one with a high stash, I reckon @Bandeezee has more than me as hes not made indos yet either.


You reckon correctly. I’ve slowed down collecting it though. I only collect it through the SDNA building now I think. I’m collecting mostly Sarcosuchus and Kaprosuchus for now.


How do u get s dna so fast?

So fast !! It’s literally months of Stash.


Made me wonder how much I have amassed…

6 lvl 30s = 24 lvl 10 = 48,000
7 lvl 20s = 14 lvl 10 = 28,000
1 lvl 10 = 1 lvl 10 = 2,000
1 lvl 40 = 8 lvl 10 = 16,000 (I sold this one)
The initial Gen 1 and 2 cost 4,000 so a delta of 2,000 from each one so…
48,000+28,000+2,000+16,000+2,000+2,000=98,000 SDNA tied up in my history of raptors


These amounts of SDNA are because they don’t have the means to unlock and create the S-Hybrids.

Indoraptors require a massive and powerful roster even if just for a L1 Indo.

Then several of the other S-Hybrids have components locked away, where you either have to grind immensely for them or wait eons for unlocks to come around. This is especially troublesome for post-reshuffle players.

Thus it’s months if not years of stockpiling that amount of SDNA.

@Sionsith I could never accurately tell how much raptor SDNA I’ve accumulated since I only keep all my Indos at L1 and have sold more than half of all the ones I’ve ever hatched. Right now I’m recovering from selling 6 of my Indos to feed my Ostapobaby army (currently have 9), and only have 6 Gen 2 Indos because I prefer the Gen 1s, but have also sold many Gen 2s

If I were to ballpark estimate, I’d say between 60,000-70,000 Raptor SDNA. Aka Between 28 and 33 Indos (including the initial 4k to fuse both Gen 1 and 2 Indos).


This is how I would have done it
Tape, followed by Cerazinosaurus and Diplosuchus