Help with lineup modification


Hey everyone. I seem to be at a stalemate. I am stuck at 2820-2880ish trophies.

Any suggestions on who to switch out, or in?

Any advice is appreciated


I don’t think you can get much further with that squad regardless of the line up you choose.
Where is your Stegosaurus? I know it can be boring but you will never (like never never) have enough of that stuff. You gotta get some more Legendaries on the squad. You don’t really want to use epics at all imho I’m only a 3800 :trophy: there’s plenty of people on here with better squads. It’s strange not to see Nodopatosaurus there too. Get your shoes on and start darting my friend. Probably not the advice you were after sorry


Hi! Around 2.8xx my best dinos were Stegoceratopo, Einsasuco and Sucotator. Are you having trouble farming at least Einasuco? She is a beast and she will lead you until mid Sorna Marshes.

I can see you live / work in local zone 1, but no postimetrodonte in your upgraded dinos, but I think this is ok cause you have already anchilocodonte as your second immune dino.

In your shoes I would probably put in the bench your concavenator and start farming stegodeo (now fusing apatosauro and nodosauro for the hybrid Nodopatosauro who is an ingredient for stegodeo, with stegoceratopo). And using Nodopatosauro until Stegodeo is created.