Help with lineup

How do I improve my lineup?

you should balanced your ferocity betweeen indoraptor and your vips


How did you get indo at lvl 20.

Sell Indo.
Make a deeper lineup. More lvl 40 legendaries etc


Welcome to the forums! I suggest you refrain from getting more indoraptors, as your lineup is on the brink of failure. You may not like this solution, but I suggest you sell that indoraptor and the monostegatops.

After you have completed that, focus on getting tournament creatures to level 40. As you do that, you will attain more vip points. Upon attaining them, you might want to start buying vip creatures; get them all to level 20.

Finally, start buying super hybrids (except indoraptor) and keep them at level ten. This will make it so that your lineup is deep, well balanced, and reasonably strong. You will also be able to consistently place in dominator league in tournaments. Here are pictures of my lineup for reference:


Sell the indoraptor. There is a MASSIVE jump from mono to indo.


NEVER SELL AN INDORAPTOR. It is far to useful, and just selling it for DNA is a waste.

This is one of those cases where one would definitely want to sell an Indoraptor. Their lineup is extremely unbalanced, and it would be appropriate to sell the indoraptor.


Nope. This person could hugely benefit from the dna. Just bc it’s good doesn’t mean u should have it. He needs to wait until later when his park can handle it. Just ask @Sionsith.


The first question to ask is are you able to complete all of your daily events without paying for cooldowns on any creature?

If the answer is yes then don’t sell anything, if the answer is no then sell the Indoraptor. At your level it is more important to complete every daily event for the resources that they provide.

If you like the look of the Indoraptor you can make another one but keep it at lvl 1. While this will still have a decent jump in ferocity it is not nearly as bad as the lvl 20 you have.

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