Help with Llneup

Here is my lineup.

I have been playing for almost 3 months and this is my lineup. I have plenty of carnivores and herbivores so I am mainly working on amphibians and pterosaurs. I am hatching some sarcosuchus to work towards koolasaurus. I also have a vip amphibian that needs to be hatched(mastodonsaurus).

After I do today’s s-dna missions I will have enough s-dna to buy another Pelecachtylus. After that I will have 2 of them that just need to be hatched.

I have nundagosaurus but should I get diplotator for later game since he has a s-hybrid.

I am still very early game and still very new to the game so any advice will help.

Edit: My lineup posted backwards by the way.


Wow 3 months that’s better than me :joy:
Anyways, I’d suggest completion of a ton of CoTs, then get tournament creatures to lvl 20.
You also have a lot of dna, so I’d start working on bigger projects such as the aforementioned idea of tournament creatures to lvl 20, and slowly increasing them to 21 then 30 and etc.


Thanks for the advice. I have won every CoT and tournaments since I was level 60 for land dinosaurs but they have all been herbivores. I am going to make 4 level 20 erlikosaurus, so the I can make a level 40 way later when I decide to jump up in ferocity. That way I will also be able to make her hybrid erliphosaurus in later game.

I am in dominater and am going to win the new amphibian tomorrow and I will probably make atleast 2 or 3 level 20s and the clash of titans that starts tomorrow is a carnivore so after I unlock him I will make a few level 20s of him also. Then I will just need to unlock a tournament pterosaur and make a few of those.


I don’t have a ton of advice for you, but yes, make Diplotator so you can get to Diplosuchus asap. Make sure you have enough SDNA to make several. If you’re lacking amphibians, he’ll help a ton since his ferocity will start high for a lineup like yours and he’ll be useful for quite some time.

Level 1 stats (keep in mind, S-Hybrids don’t increase much in stats when you feed them, but you can do FMF strategy with a level 30 Diplosuchus in tournaments and get 40 trophies).

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Thanks for the advice. I am fusing the last component to diplotator right now and will be fusing for him in a couple of hours. I should have diplosuchus in a few days. I currently have enough sarcosuchus s-dna to make 3 of them.

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Just fused for diplotator. I will start hatching more when my first hatchery slot is empty.


Who approves my lineup? Tips please

I am fairly new to the game but your lineup seems pretty balanced. The only thing a little off balancing is the level 10 Indominus Rex but the ferocity difference isn’t enough to make your battles hard so I wouldn’t worry about it.

You could use some amphibians higher up in your roster though. I think you should work on evolving Diplotator to level 31 and either level him up to match your top rosters ferocity or if you have Sarcosuchus s-dna you can make some Diplosuchus and level them up to match your top rosters ferocity.

You could also use some more herbs and pterosaurs at the top. I think you should make more level 17 Ankylodocus. You should also make more level 20 Tapejalosaurus.

All that being said I notice you can’t really do any of that right now because of your dna shortage. While you build up your dna I suggest just hatching any legendaries in your inventory specifically the ones you have multiple copies of. The more level 30 legendaries the better for where you are right now. I myself need to start making more level 30 legendaries. If you have 2 level 30s of one legendary creature you can go ahead and evolve it and level it up to match the ferocity of your top lineup. I suggest doing this with your Microposaurus. If you evolve Microposaurus and level him up to match your top rosters ferocity that will give you an amphibian in your top roster and you need those.

When you get a little bit of dna and win either CoT or tournaments some level 20 tournament creatures wouldn’t hurt either.

Overall though you have a pretty nice lineup and should be finishing in dominator and completing all events fairly easy. You might have to stay in the top of predator and play a match to get into the bottom of dominator and keep repeating it until the tournament is over. This is what I do and my top lineups ferocity is only under yours by a small amount.


Definitely evolve some vips

If he gets more maybe but right now he only has two and I think they are more valuable to him staying as 2 level 10s for now.

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I just realized that you might have been taking to me when you said evolve some vips. I’m not right now because I am very comfortable where I am winning tournaments and completing all events. I am going to wait until I get more hybrids that will be able to compete with level 20 vips and then I am going to make a ferocity jump. Probably another month or two at most.

I wasn’t meaning all of them. Just do the ones that u have a ton of such as concave, presto or tany. Level 20 vips are the best for tourneys but I’d put them at 13 for u.

If u could get some diplosuchus then you’ll be great

By tomorrow I will have Diplosuchus unlocked. In a little over 3 hours I will have my last Diplotator needed for a level 40 then all I have to do is fuse them. I have enough s-dna to make 3 Diplosuchus.

I will probably evolve some vips in a couple of weeks to a month after I get duplicates of level 20 tournament creatures and make some more super rare and legendary hybrids to go up in ferocity along with them. I know I could probably evolve some now and still be able to complete tournaments and all events but I want to wait until my lineup is more prepared so it will be as easy as possible. I have been very patient while playing this game so far and I’m going to stay that way.

Thank you for your tips and advice!!!

I am not an expert but Diplosuchus helped me a lot in my line up.Try to get lvl 40 herbivores or Theirzino 30 good for tank to save points.Apatosaurus is great vip who serves as tank also.

That’s what I use all 3 of my Apatosaurus for in tournaments. I can almost always save 4.

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It’s been 4 days since I first posted my lineup here, so at this point I have been playing for 3 months give or take a few days. Here is an update on my progress.

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I have added 3 vip creatures to my lineup since my first post that have all been leveled up to level 10(2 Mastodonsaurus and 1 Tanycolagreus). I’ve also added 3 level 1 Diplosuchus, 2 level 9 Pelecachtylus, and a level 20 Erlikosaurus.

In the next few weeks to months I plan on adding another Indominous Rex, making a second level 20 Erlikosaurus, and making a second level 20 Iguanodon. I also plan on making 2 level 20 Bageherpeton and 2 level 20 Edaphosaurus.

The hybrids I am working on creating are Stegoceratops, Ankylodocus, Koolasaurus, Unayrhynchus, and Suchoripterus. After making these hybrids, evolving them, and leveling them up to match my current lineups ferocity I am going to make a second copy of whatever evolution and level they are.

I am doing all of this to prepare for a ferocity jump to level 20 vips and 30 tournaments in the next month or 2.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I will have enough s-dna to make another Diplosuchus in two or three days. If you are wondering why I am making Stegoceratops and Ankylodocus instead of just one of them it is because I already have one component finished for both of them and the others are almost ready. Also I am making Ankylodocus because she is the best herbivore super rare hybrid, but I am also making Stegoceratops because she has a s-hybrid that will be useful in the future. In a few months after I have made my ferocity jump and rebalanced my lineup I will probably make Giganocephalus for the same reason. I am still open to any suggestions and or tips!!!

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It’s been 8 days since my last post and I’ve done a lot. I spent over 150,000 dna and over 10,000 bucks yesterday to speed stuff up a bit.

Current Jurassic Lineup:

I’ve added 2 more level 1 Diplosuchus, 2 level 15 Ankylodocus, 2 level 20 Bageherpeton, 3 level 10 vip creatures (a Baryonx, a Mastodonsaurus, and a Tanycolagreus), another level 17 Spinoraptor, 2 level 20 Stegoceratops, 2 level 9 Pelecachtylus, a second level 20 Erlikosaurus, and 4 level 10 Koolasaurus.

The hybrids I am still working on are Unayrhynchus and Suchoripterus. I am still going to make 2 level 20 Edaphosaurus and another level 20 Iguanodon. I am also still going to hatch another Indominous Rex. I am going to do all of that before my ferocity jump.

I am also going to make 2 level 20 Sphenacodon. I’m not sure if I will make him before or after my ferocity jump though. Probably before though.

I’d level up some stuff a little bit