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Help with my dinoking team

I have a dozen boosts still to add. Questioning who to add them to. Should I top off Erlidom, Maxima, Tryko, or Thor? They each have a lot of boosts but not quite the max allowed. Or should I spread it out and give them to another creature? Also, am I starting my best team? Should I swap anybody out?

Try leveling the smilonemys
Switch quetzorion or diorajasaur for diloranocheirus

I would put something more tanky(dio, grypo or nemys) in place of diloracheirus since it’s kinda bad in this meta. Thor is also not as good as most think, but it’s good to have a chomper with priority and it’s by no means a bad dino. Tenonto is a solid choice too though, has way more favorable matchups than thor. Indo gen2 is incredibly strong(that’s the thing, I don’t trust it won’t be nerfed), indo is good, not sure if tyrant level though, but it’s been doing pretty damn well against my team :laughing: but since you already have indo gen2 and erlidom, maybe swaping it for orion is a good choice.
Of course, I assume you won’t be able to swap them yet since they are underleveled. I for myself won’t give boosts to any dino I’m not sure I want on my team, so I’m holding onto them until I unlock Gemini and nemys. Gemini is very strong, I would save my boosts for it.

Surprised nobody mentioned magna. That was the one I was considering. Or Quetz. How does quetz play out in this meta?

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Quetzor is a beast. Sidestep is actually a decent move now too. Not to mention most of the time it slaughters pesky Erlidoms.

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I wish I had Gemini titan. The month diplo was featured I was on vacation in Europe and didnt play much. I’m close to creating it, but diplo is non existant right now. I may save my boosts for after 1.11 notes. See what’s gonna get buffed and nerfed.

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That’s a good idea. I don’t see people spending too much on Gemini, so it will probably get nerfed :joy: