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Help with my herbs and ptero line up

Hi guys, I need your help to upgrade my lineup, I have 400k of DNA to invest in Hebivores and Pteranodons. My other part of the line up it’s pretty strong able for dominator but i want to get a deeper line up.

What is the best Dinos to hatch with that amount of DNA?? I’m looking for a good DNA price to get a whole crew of them and something between 2500-2000 health and 700-900 attack (Note I’m level 80, and about Dinos requiring Sdna I’m halfway there so meanwhile I’m interested in getting non sDNA hybrids)

My top herbs and ptero are level 20 VIP dinos, but meanwhile I harvest LP I want regular ones with DNA.

I’m not a veteran to give advice yet, but if you don’t have Tapejalosaurus yet, I like him a lot. Level 30 is pretty nice 2125 health 664 attack with a 10 hour cool down so you can use him twice a day. I know that attack is a little low for you, but you can use him while you build him up towards his super hybrid, which is also nice and very strong. Plus he’s pretty cheap DNA wise. You could have gotten him a lot with coin trades before the update. Now the odds are much less.

If you’re thinking more late game dinos, then I imagine you’re going for Zalmonodon or Metri depending on what unlocks you have and what type of role you want for your Ptero (meat shield, glass cannon, or balanced). I’m sure someone else will chime in here soon.

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Ankylodocus is the most expensive…

Why did you show that abomination( tropeogopterus)
Ahhhh kill it with fire

Why? You can get pteronodons from golden rewards! No need to spend 400k on freaking pteronodons!!!

He probably meant Pterosaur, not Pteranodon.

My man
You are so right!

Changed thisssss

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If you have a basic understanding of ferocity (not only health and damage, you can find everything here in the forum), how the AI selects your opponents in events and PvPs (in the forum as well) and if you study @Mary_Jo’s spreadsheet you can make every decision on your own. From my point of view you can’t make too big mistakes as long as you keep that in mind.

There are so many ways to improve your lineup in a efficient way that it’s hard to give the one and only advice.


@Mr_Nobody_cares trope is way too costly and is only helpful at level 40 in tournaments I recommend a few tapej at level 30, short hatching times and good enough ferocity at this level for dom finishes, stegoceratops sits at similar very helpful at 30, most of my good herbs are VIPs though

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