Help With my Team Comp?

I really need some advice on how to improve my team. These are the only “good” resilients I have and I basically have no way to counter most flocks. What creatures should I aim for? I’m currently working towards Scorpios gen 3, Thor, and Ardentismaxima but still pretty far from the latter. For reference I’m level 15 at 4300 trophies.

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Dracoceratops might be good for your team if you can level it pretty high. Also, Rexy.

put rexy and change your stegoceratops


Rexy is a definite must. And thylaconix is also good

Rexy and Thylaconyx
Also if you want a Resilient maybe Sarcorixis?



Should I replace my Trystronix? Also I have never found a lot of luck with Sarcorixis ever since the resilient nerf. Am I likely using him wrong?

It’s a more offensive trapper and I think that people don’t use immobilize when playing it with I feel is a mistake
I’d replace Stegoceratops with Sarcorixis, Thylacotator with Thylaconyx, and Stegodeus and Monomimus with Rexy and Dracoceratops


Yeah, if opponent has no stun resistance and you are slower usually go for this order of moves: immobilize-GSS- FI, it works well for me most of the time