Help with my team my friends


I want to go to Shorna Marsh need help with my squad.

I hasve brachi lvl 11


Just keep grinding to level up the team. Need some immunity in there. Maybe in place of Mono or Blue. Ankylocodon will do fine going into the Marshes.


Thanx, i have posti but lvl 11


I would consider using that stego.


Yes stego could be used, I guess the level difference is important enough to replace maybe the kentro.

You are not so far to start making some lengendaries like indominus (one level for trex and velo) or stegodeus (maybe you’re already working on it).

So keep hunting, level up your team toward objectives and you will do fine. Good luck !


Try to see if you can level up the team to 15, and use the Stego.


Sorry wrong foto :blush::blush:
This my curent dino lvl and my team.


Which i need to swap with? Hehe


I don’t know what you face around 3k trophies but I don’t think that brachy is doing anything for you. It seems too underleveled compared to other you can bring in like the velociraptor (don’t be mistaken, brachy is a strong dino and velo lost is crown but the level matters a lot in this game). Your stegoceratops should be your next power up + maybe it will allow you to level up to 10, increasing your DNA per dart


Ok, and thank you. I’m darting all triceratops in my way. Still not enough haha


Good luck it’s never enough :joy: Hope you will make it soon !


Yap, i want monomimus but i think it a long, long, long way. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
And galilimus is arena exclusive dino


Yes I stockpile it everytime they put it in event week and I go only for galliminus, all attempts (still have 26k left but it’s never enough)


Wow, that a lot. I wonder can i got that plenty dna, i m just f2p


I would swap the Brachi for Alanqa.


Thank, i will


You still need some immunity.


Yes sir, thank for your feedback :grin::grin::grin: