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Help with my team please


I am not that good at battling to be honest so any help is really appreciated. Hope the pic shows (first time trying).
The bottom row are all L17.

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Little mono isn’t horrible


I just created it and went to level 23. I just have to get used to using it but happy so far. It has a little of everything, except power: immunity, nullifying, distracting and shield/armor breaking. It’s good she’s from common ingredients as it needs to be a few levels above the rests of the team.

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despite it being your highest level dino, plan to eventually ditch monolometrodon… it’s not a long term player.
For the time being, Put allo in instead of ankyntro (it makes battles last forever without changing anything most of the time) keep leveling up allosino in the mean time.
your other tanks are great.

Depending on the opposition in your teir, tany may be a good one too… I remember them being a pain in lower sorna for my indominus

Also, are you grooming your tryox? If not, keep growing posty and don’t waste it on tryox. A few Players better than me say posty is great when it’s leveled up (mid 20s).
If baryonyx is in good supply, keep working that tryox for a long term investment.

Good luck mate :+1:t4::+1:t4:


Thank you :slight_smile: Barry is scarce unfortunately. I kinda wish I would have made utahsino instead, but I had so much allo. Take care!

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id probably swap tany in for tragodistis. you definitely want to have more than 1 nullify dino and a level 16 legendary probably wont last very long.


Personally, I’d say;

Gorgosuchus out for Tryostronix

Tragodistis out for Tanycolagreus

and maybe Stegoceratops out for Megalosuchus (I feel it falls off at the higher arenas and megalo is a good counter dino, which are always nice to have)


Just noticed my 16 Monomimus isn’t in the dino family portrait.


I was so excited to get megalo and so far not so good. I’m trying to level it up more and I wish I knew the move set better :-/