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Help with my team pls


My gigs is only lvl 16 as are most other legendary. After 5 mths in Sorna, I’ve been knocked down to Lockdown an can’t seem to get out. Suggestions!


You may need some uniques to climb to ruins. Sometime ago I dropped down ti ruins to test new legendaries and was surprised to find that I need 2 uniques to stay in ruins (Although my team composition is bad because I don’t want to use overlevelled dinos).

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Try getting monostego.
Maybe you could add another chomper?
Just keep going!

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Play around with Tyrannoloph and Tragod. Monolometrodon and Paramoloch are red flags since they’re situational/ RNG dependent, so definitely look into replacing those ASAP.


I was thinking about getting rid of Parasaurolophus, I’ve been hanging onto him for sentimental reasons. Lol. Thanks for great advice.


Get rid of monolometrodon with tyrano first and try to lvl it up to 20 and start working on its unique.


Why all the Monolometrodon hate?

All it has to be is a couple levels higher than team average, it is the poor man’s Magna. Great kit, very versatile: 126 speed, immune, distracting, nullifying, shoots through shields. What’s not to like?

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Sooner or later you’ve to get rid of him so it’s better to not waste coins. I personally think this Dino is trash


the poor man’s magna is ok until a certain level, when your around l26 or 27 with same level of dinos around you, just cannot cope.


Seconded. I had one with my iPhone, which got smashed just when the insurance on it lapsed (d’oh!) and had to start all over on an Android (the only replacement I could afford at the time) because I had been using the MacGameStore to log in, which doesn’t work on an Android. This happened just as, apparently, Dimetrodon G2 became pretty scarce, so my new team still doesn’t have one yet. I just recently got Dime G2 up to 15 so I could start fusing. Almost halfway there to just creating it.

I don’t understand anyone who says this one is cheap. Bullpucky! At 500 DNA from each dino per fuse… that’s a LOT of DNA. It might be cheap relative to some wallet gobbling freaks like Indoraptor in terms of coins, but in terms of time spent darting the ingredients it takes a lot of work. I finally found where all the Dime G2s are hiding but it’s still a chore.

But from what I remember, it’s worth it, once you get it leveled up. It’s got plenty of tools in its arsenal: two ways to deal with shields (defense shattering, nullifying) plus it’s got immunity, distraction to deal with the heavy hitters… I think there’s lots to love about Monolometrodon. Sure, you need to know how to use its strengths but that’s true with any dino.

I guess it comes down to strategy and playing style. I like dinos with immunity because stun, while perfectly legit, just rubs me wrong, and nothing makes me want to throw my phone against a brick wall more than losing a fight where I never got a chance to hit back because of that move. But if you like using stun then you probably feel similarly about immune dinos.

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Paramoloch goes with dracoceratops if you can get a swap in you are laughing i would just say be pataint and try work on some uniques they will help loads

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You already have too many over-levelled dinosaurs. A few months ago I got to aviary with a level 22 suchotator and indoraptor 21. I know that uniques are more frequent in lower arenas now, but with your team you should be able to climb to ruins and stay there for longer periods quite often. I’d suggest you to improve your game style.

Don’t bother levelling up new tanks. Tanks are not useful anymore at the arena level you are. If any tragodistis might help you with an additional stun and invincibility. Only if it doesn’t take you ages to bring it up to team level. Otherwise, keep working to get indoraptor and Thor. And keep improving your game style, your team is very powerful for your arena level.


As reference, this team has been making it up to ruins since St Patrick’s event. Yes, the unique made it easier, but it was making it up to ruins with all dinos at level 18 except t-rex, suchotator and the unique (actually Dracoceratops was just level 16).

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Level them. Boom, sorted. :wink:


I mean, only the useful ones…


I tend to agree my mono has won me a few games, an it’s nullify is handy. I’m hanging onto him for a bit yet.

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Stun!!! The bane of my existence.

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Monostego is a beast ob thus meta i wish i used all my dna on him as he is laging in team level at 21 but can take out donos even 7 times his level