Help with Ouranosaurus?


Hi. I’d like to believe I’m a pretty decent player of this game. Been playing since worldwide launch and I have a team with half epics, half rares, average level of 12-13 (so not such a powerful team) and I’m managing to stay on arena 6 for now. So mostly I believe I understand tactics and such. Only recently I got my hands on an ouranosaurus. I had seen lots of people using it in battle, and a chart that listed it in one of the highest tiers, so I was rather excited, but I keep losing with it and can’t seem to find it useful at all. Can someone please explain to me how or when to use it?

I mean, sure, it can stun and that is good, but for stunners I love my triceratops and stegoceratops. Ouranosaurus can take less damage and doesn’t do so much damage herself anyway. I guess her usefulness is specially with the ability to run away, but if anything I find it kind of annoying, because apparently you can’t choose your next dinosaur and that can easily end in disaster. Actually, when I am fighting against an ouranosaurus, I quickly get an advantage myself because of this.

So, if anyone could kindly explain to me how or when she might be useful and if it’s worth it to use her instead of some of my weakest (for instance wuerhosaurus level 9, she’s amazing but too low lvl) I’d be really grateful :smiley:


Hi there, I don’t have it myself but have faced it in battle. I’ll assume your epic to be lvl 11.

Ouran has 127 speed making it one of the faster dinos in town. The way to use it is to deploy it after opponent uses a slower Dino. First turn strike, 2nd turn greater stun rampage, one of the best stuns in game. 2x damage and 75% stun. That’s 1k damage. If enemy is stunned you can continue with another strike. If its not and your dino is dying (very likely at this stage) you do the impact + swap. 1.5x damage will very likely end the enemy Dino and you get a fresh one swapped in so your enemy will not get a kill count.

One point to note: do not use Ouran when you have injured dinos in reserve. So it would normally be used as the 2nd Dino after the opener died.


Hi, thanks! Yes, she is level 11 for now. I still find it a disadvantage to switch to a random dinosaur and give the oponent the chance to choose the best one to face yours, but still, you make some good points. I will give it another try keeping all this in mind!


You can use it as an opener! If things fall well you can pick up a 3-0 or 3-1win. This is very aggressive but is a good one to mix in.


Well, I’ve been trying a few more matches with Ouranosaurus in my team, trying to follow your suggestions. They all sounded good on paper, but it has been a disaster once again. Occasionally my Ouranosaurus had the chance to really hurt oponent, but mostly she just downright destroyed my game even if I had started with an advantage and was looking good for a win. I’m gonna keep an eye out for more possible replies to this thread, just in case, but it really seems like I’m gonna drop her for good and go for a different addition to my team.

Regardless, thank you both a lot for your help!