Help with progress?

For the past 5 or 6 days I’ve been smashing my face against the challenges in hope of finding any progress, with no success.

I have 4 level 5 heroes, and the enemies in exploration are level 7 and the trolls can consistently one-shot me with their pull attacks. My only hope other than the 30 gold a pop I’m getting from PVP boxes is the challenge runs, but I can only ever consistently get a D6 from them, and the rewards are less than helpful.

Is there a strategy I’m missing for beating the 2nd fire giant? Or should I just hope he only ever hits the fighter and never uses his pull attack?

The pull attack Sharpstone bosses use can only be used when all 4 of your heroes are in line. Move one hero forward, or back, and boss will throw boulders. Hope this helps :+1:


That is an EXCELLENT tip

I just get my fighter up to the boss and line up my cleric and wizard behind him, depending on if I’m running hard or rogue, I will put rogue in front of wizard so push won’t push when he attacks, but I also 1 to 3 shot the bosses so I have no real issues anymore

Jesus christ, bard…

And later on, you’ll love when he pulls, makes the kill that much faster lol


Everyone seems to have this same issue around this level. The level 4 wall. Hang in there. I am slowly moving forward, too. Apparently it happens again around level 10