Help with Pterovexus

Hello everyone, recently i unlocked and I’m using pterovexus, and I would like to know what stats i should improve her, i think is a good creature and i really want to use it, can you help me with the build?
Thank you

For me vexus is something I use to take out one creature and set up the next for a revenge kill. That being said once I send it in I never expect it to make it out again. I boost like this, in order of importance, health, speed, then attack. It usually swaps in, so needing to survive that first hit is key, then being able to go first on the next turn is important. The DOT helps with damage, so for me that’s less important to boost than the first two. The new on escape evasive strike is great. The perfect buff for it. Good luck, it’s a fun one.

My 2¢.
Mine (L27), with 3/2/5 in boosts. Probably add health as I get it. Fun tip : if you have the health and aren’t locked down from swapping in, Vexus can swap out on phorex - immune to stun and swap prevention!

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This is Durzo:

He wreaks absolute havoc against the stuff he counters, is good against the neutral stuff, and can hold his own against everything else that isn’t an Apex.
I’m at 5400ish trophies.

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oh wow nice strategy, yes i use her just for swap in to bleed, in the last tourney she won several times because is not so common to face a vexus, thanks for your tips and advices, you legend!!! @BlackStar :blue_heart:

Yeah im clear that i have to focus more on health to survive when i swap in, its hard now because my vexus is baby, im in aviary and she can´t survive to Thors and SR3, but i will keep trying to MAX her

10x a lot!! you rock! @Ardens :purple_heart:

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Best of luck!!
I love Vex, so it warms my heart to see others using it :]

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i just discovered with the buffs, i never seen anyone using her until now, then i started to work on DNA 10x 4 ur help