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Help with shop purchases

hi i’m unable to make any purchases in the shop when i press on the item i want to purchase in the middle of screen appears a small spinning arrow and nothing happens? any advice guys n girls Please , many thanks Andy

Hello, Dinodaddy. Have you tried rebooting the app as well as restarting your internet connection and see if they help? If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at as they would be glad to take a closer look. Thank you!

hi Ronald how do i reboot the App as you suggest i ukdated in store a few days ago with recent update but its been a while since the ourchase problems began i had many problems with tapjoy a while back because of a change to email address so not sure if thats a problem with the shop but its around same time period so that’s mu guess! but i just want to sort it to buy boosts/bucks etc thanks Andy dinodaddy

hi Ronald also when i open app it gives me different options to sign in with apple or facebook and i close and re open and normally logs me in second time without doing either do i need to sign in with apple? or facebook? or continue as i do now with neither! could thay be why i can’t make shop purchases ? thanks dinodaddy

Hey Dinodaddy, I simply meant restarting the game by closing and reopening it. Before signing in with Apple or Facebook, make sure that your account is already linked with either of them. If you are playing as a guest, just continue as you are right now but take note of your support key.

That being said, the team is aware that there have been problems with in-game purchases, so I strongly recommend that you reach out to support so they can have a closer look at your case. Thank you!

t’s funny because I have two tickets in progress with the same problem where support forget to answer me.

I have followed the instructions, uninstall, disconnect/reconnect from google, facebook etc… So much time wasted for nothing. Needless to say that I can perfectly continue shopping in other games/apps but not in jwa for several weeks.

Even when you want to give them money, Ludia is not able to provide proper support.