Help with special objective?

Hello! I’m new to this game. I’ve managed to hit level 9 and have a level 14 trex. I’m doing the battle tutorials (campaign mode), and I’m on the starter set for shields.

Anyway, the special objective is for my trex to defeat two creatures with fierce rampage. Despite their low level (6), these things are taking huge chunks out of my trex’s hp, making it impossible (so far) to simply do two in a row.

There’s a one round cooldown before I can do the fierce rampage, so the trex has to sit in for at least 1 round without dying and without killing the thing. (I think that’s right)

So, even if I get the enemy hp down with another critter, trex has to be in for that 1 turn. For whatever reason, my trex does ZERO damage on every first attack, and I’m getting pretty riled up about it.

If anyone has a suggestion for getting this objective, I would very much like to hear it!


Pretty sure that is impossible to do.

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Honestly, I think the only way to do this is to have your rex at level 20 for Tryko level, that way it gets more health. In battle, maybe you do the strike first, then the rampage, then swap out, let the creature you swapped in die, bring back the rex, do the strike, and then the rampage.

Only problem is that I think there is a level cap. If so, then you probably will have to boost it to Saturn.

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You can’t boost it yet right

Mine 1 shots then and I need 4 moves. Not possible with swaps or anything.

Hmmm. It’s on the starter campaign. I feel like it should be possible. I thought I was just kidding something because I don’t know how to do buffs and whatnot. Should I just move on?

There are a handful of impossible missions. I believe ludia fixed some but not all.

Not gonna lie. I feel a lot better about myself now. LoL

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Just keep progressing through the campaign and you’ll get a lot of dna and coins. A lot of which is really good for a growing player. Some of the later missions even have great dna for people who’ve been playing a while.

Save your boost and let them accumulate until you are at least a team of uniques for when you reach your end game area. The meta changes a lot and you don’t have many opportunities to change your boost without it costing so be sure you are confident with what you are doing when using them. They’re valuable and determine a lot of your win/lose ratio.

Or if you’re like me just put them on what you like to use and don’t really change your team if being the best doesn’t matter to you.

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I pulled this one off after I looked up how to do it. My Rex lvl 20 (no boosts). I don’t know if it would’ve survived smaller. My problem was that targets were getting one-shotted even by basic strikes, so the match was over before I could even get the second rampage out. I just had to keep doing it over & over until targets came in the right order.

I don’t remember exactly how it happened for me, but in a guide I watched, G2 Erliko was eventually the first victim deployed. It started with Debilitating Distraction, which enabled it to survive the first impact. It then fell to a rampage. Then it’s just impact/ rampage/ impact/ rampage until there’s nothing left

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I was ridiculously happy about being able to pull off a secondary objective for the first time today. The campaigns are extremely helpful in teaching me to recognize the various images and figure out what to use. The secondary objective for a country attack was a doozy because only the Purolyth had it (according to the wiki), and my Purple was the same level as the opposing team.

I am definitely working a diverse team. But I have a few favorites. The common Diplocaulus is too cute. It has a useful ability for certain raid bosses. I can’t seem to get DNA, so he’s stuck at level 10 for now.

I think the body’s you mentioned are what I’m getting that look like little cards. I assume I’ll be taught how to use them at some point. Maybe?

I’m just really enjoying it, even if I can’t walk around with a broken leg. LoL!

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In case if you haven’t already, I would recommend you download the JWA Field Guide from appstore or playstore. It will guide you on every creature and their hybrids, abilities, classes, tiers, spawn area, and loads more.

The little green guy is exclusive to parks. So you’ll have to go to those to find them and they should be all over the place.

Boost don’t really give any tutorial that I remember. But they increase 3 parts of your creature depending on how many you use of each category. Some features you want to focus on specific areas. Health attack speed. You can put up to 30 per creature. 1 for each level.

By “little green guy” , do you mean the Diplocaulus? Because I haven’t been to any parks
Got a broken leg.

I did get the Field Guide. Such a thoughtful suggestion. Thank you!

I wanted to try adding a single boost to a critter, but I couldn’t tell whether or not I head. I’ll try again later to see if the stats change.

If it helps, I come from a World of Warcraft background where pretty battles were a lot like these. Butt WoW is 3 types (damage, tank, healer) and pretty battles are… something like 10 types! Had to keep a cheat sheet for those!

Thank you all for being so patient with me. I can pick certain things up quickly but be really slow in others.

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“little green guy” = Diplocaulus haha and it is exclusive to parks right now.

This game has Fierce, Cunning, Resilent, & Wild Cards

I thought so. Well, I’ll be in a park in about 11 hours, so I will check it out. Thanks!

Tracking which class is better against others is harder when you don’t know which critter is coming out, and swapping can be really costly.

First (Jurassic) World Problems! :smile:

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Update. I’m a park for 2 hours. No Diplo. I don’t think I’ll worry about it I have plenty of things to figure out. Like what a load out is and how the Field Guide works. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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