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Help with t-rex raid pls

Bro next day is the raid of T-rex ready for tomorrow raid

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I looked just a minute ago. But i saw the 't.rrx is a little to far. Sorry bro but i cant start it today…

It’s okay next week

Alright is ok

Bro bro I’m online now now now come

Sorry didn’t saw that. But if you do like that a text i can’t see you say something when i’ offline here… :frowning:

It’s okay next week

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I hope next time ( over 2 days ) i got rexy… in circle

Dude look

Its ths update… boring update btw. They can at least bring rexy?

Is the update 2.8 update or e750 update

Scorpius rex gen 2 not good and scorpius rex not the good as will

I guess just 2.8. I didn’t even saw a new dino yet :slight_smile: lol

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Nice. Gonna add you later alright? Got not WiFi now… :frowning:

What time we should do the T-rex raid

Bro I have the scorpius rex raid but I don’t have the T-rex raid sorry​:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Alright no problem i will later look if i got him now again. But if i dont we can just try for fun the another raid?

T-Rex is a really easy boss, you can use 4 any level Utah’s and take 0 damage, works for carno as well, my friend code is CYBERDRAGON #5170. Smilonemys can be defeated with a level 15 irritator unboosted!