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Help with t-rex raid pls

Ludia why do you love to gave me bad luck :cry:

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Who is close to unlock thoradolosaur

Bruh i got that much times too…:frowning:

Ludia always loves that. Just try to make your indoraptor level 25. And have the stat boost high. You can look later at my indoraptor. I can make an screenshot and put it here. Just then try to make him that strong :))

Is the players you fight hard or ez to win a fight cuz I’m still losing with a unique cuz ludia love to gave me bad luck bruh and nice Stat indoraptor it’s better don’t my stegodeus hp :+1::+1::+1:

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me, kind of
30 dna

:cry::cry::cry:Rip jurassic world alive players

One more tournament and I unlocked a hp tank for my team

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Nice. Nice job already

Should à stop playing jurassic world alive and play jurassic world the game or should a play both jurassic world alive and jurassic world the game

Both cause they both fun

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I think you may want to ask some of these questions about JWtG in the JWtG forum if you can and/or haven’t

if you wanna do raids, tips from me join a discord server

I finally have skoonasaurs :slightly_smiling_face::+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Nice job. Thats very nice

Now I’m working for 3 unique

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Nice. Wich ones?

Tentrex and thoradolosaur and the new Indominus gen 2 hybrid

I finally get allosinosaurus to level 20