Help with Team, and other tips


Hey guys please view the photo below, I am at the 3rd arena the S.S one with this team.

What I want to know anyone in higher arena let me know what changes you would make.

Also I was thinking as coins become more short later in game have you all stopped evolving the dinos you don’t use as the coins can be used else where on dinos you do want to upgrade for example I stopped evolving the alligator looking common as it cost like 400 coins.


What level is that Nodo? @MrParker09
If he’s a pretty good level I would use him I use my level 10 Nodo and it’s the best :grin:


You need that stego again Raptors MrParker09


This is my team, I’m in arena 4 and have lost 1 of the last 10 matches so I’m pretty happy with it.

As you can see from my Euoplocephalus I don’t evolve my dinos past their utility; it’s waiting for my Amargasaurus to catch up and then it’s hybrid time.

My only suggestion is to either buff up your Allosaurus or consider a different heavy hitter. I’d even toss the Stego in it’s place since it’s got some of the best defensive/offensive balance of a commom I’ve come across.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Stegos are great against raptor or at least they used to be but everyone is starting to click how to use there dinos tactically. Damm this forum for teaching people :grin:


Man all these epics everyone has. And I don’t even have one :joy:


The funny thing is they an sometimes hit you by accident! I got tge Kentrosaurus out of a lucky rare (12 hour) PvP incubator, and dropped everything to go stalk my T-Rex.

You’ll get your epics too! :slight_smile:


I 3 dna short of getting the t-rex and it seems i can not find any anymore!!:neutral_face: