Help with team please


Needing some help with my arena team.
Currently at 2.8k to 3k trophies.



How to add foto here?


For starters stop wasting stegosaurus DNA your going to need that stuff you will likely never have enough of it no matter how common and easy to dart it is. Stegodeus is a absolute beast save up and get it.


Also stop wasting coins on Dino’s you will never use. You may have “unlimited” coins now but they will soon be more important than Anything else in the game. It just cost me 60,000coins to level up one Dino one level. Be frugal


I learned to save coins/dna a little too late. Now I save up for when/if I need to level up.
Working on Stegodeus atm, 2 fuses away from it!


My advice would be close to what @Aaron_Norris said.

Level up only dino you use/need unless you have unlimited supply of coins.

Dart every para, every stego, every apato, every velo you encounter. You’ll never have enough of them. You should stop leveling your stego and try to make stegodeus.
Nodosaurus is fairly common, you should be able to make enough nodopatosaurus to start fusing stegodeus.