Help with Team replacements

So this is my team
Ever since 1.8 hit, as we know, dodgers became less reliable so I’m looking for a replacement for Indo and Erlidom ( Erlidom is still good, but of course less reliable). I have none of the new hybrids, but will probably unlock most of the legendary ones soon. If anyone has any good ideas please tell me
This team is getting me stuck between ruins and Lockwood estate

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I’d say if you have Monostego unlocked or will unlock it, get that up to team level and it should be solid. It can do pretty much anything you need and the armor means it can survive Draco hits now.


Ok. Will level that up

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I don’t have it unlocked, but I hear so much good things about it and since it got better with this update, I plan on getting it. If you want, you can ask others their opinions on if it’s good for your team too.

Yes, totally worth it, I love it. But with your team it should really be close to the levels of the others (20+), unless heavily boosted. That will cost you a lot of Monolophosaurus. Your team isn’t bad though, based on what you have available.
Any other uniques unlocking soon? Utarinex for example. Or just Utasinoraptor for now.
Personally I’m also a fan of Stegodeus. Used it until recently, but not sure how it would survive in the current game.

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My best bet for a unique will be Dilorach. Not very close to any others

Yeah that’s a nasty bugger also, but I’m not sure it’s better than a 23 erlidominus. Try it out I’d say! It’s fun unlocking uniques anyway.

Whilst it might not be great, it might not take to long to unlock Ardentis

Plenty of options then :slight_smile: Just try out a couple of teams for a while and you’ll see what suits you best.
Luckily I never had more than 1 dodger in my team anyway because statistically it makes things harder and makes you lose more because of all the 50/50s, so I’m not complaining with the update!

K, decided to use Monostego
Was wondering, the diplocaulus G2 hybrid seems very good and i can make it very soon, is it worth it?

Yet again it seems that you and me both have the same ideas, I want to use it too. I hear from others that it can really reduce damage before it dies and let another finish up or even kill the opponent itself. All around, a pretty solid creature, although I know some might be cautious with it since it can get a Hybrid in the future like what happened with Purutaurus.


Oh man, ditching your 23 indo for a 17 monostego… that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Indo is still pretty good in my experience.
How about any of the new legendaries? They have nice stats. Anything you can grind up to 20 quick?


I’d probably drop spino since you have stygi.

Monostego has been soooo useful though

Get rid of Thor.

Drop in a few more distracters to counter Thor instead.

Fight it don’t be boring and join the Thor masses

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I am aiming to get Diplovenator
Also I do use Koolab

I’m thinking of putting Monosteg on my team too. Currently it is at lvl 19 and i’m thinking of benching my lvl 20 Indom for it.

I’m finding dodgers useless now

Well i recently unlocked Erlidom thanks to the sanctuaries and stuck that on my team right away at lvl 21 boosted and it’s helped me a lot and I don’t even use the cloak. Also Indo has still been useful. But whenever Indom is on my selection I leave it to last and only use it if really needed and that’s mainly because outside of cloak it doesn’t really have much too it.

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For me, Indo is useless now,I can’t use it successfully

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