Help with team!


Hey guys! What changes would you make?
Thnks in advance!!



It looks pretty good to me! Just work on leveling them up!


thanks, i feel the same, except for the vraptor. i barely use it now. so when he is in the lineup i feel like im playing with only 3 dinos instead of 4.


I was going to suggest changing her out but I didn’t know how you felt about her! Some are simply raptor loyalists!


Work on Postimetrodon it is a great fighter


lol im a practical man, ill use whatever gets me the more winnings.
never thought of postimetrodon actually, im gonna try him out. thanks!


In what arena are you fighting and what are your opponents’ rosters?


Im in arena 7, currently around 3200/3500. I usually see the same dinos i have, except maybe for stegodeus that i dont see much of him.
Now ive tried postimetrodon, i like its inmunity but the attack its not enough imo


Postdimetrodonte is ok. She is a beast vs Stegoceratopo.

I suggest you to switch v-raptor with gallimimo (no it is not a joke) you have her at level 14, so 1087 hp and 669 dmg VS velo lev 15 with 1141 hp and 760 dmg. Galli is immune so she will always go first (except if facing and Erlikosomething that are not so used in arena 7) and she has 50% possibility to dodge every attack. If you feel lucky, then make the switch and play that chicken roulette against opponents’ tanks! Then, when you are about to die, just hit the opponent with Impact and run (I am not sure why dev put cooldown of one turn on this attack… if I swap, I can’t use it right back :sweat_smile: )

Then, to face Indominus, in your shoes I will farm Sucotator or Tanycolagreo, you definetly need their nullifyng attack.

If you use Gallimimo, please let me know how it goes!