Help with teams? Capping out in low arena 7


Hey guys I feel like I post this every month but I’m really hitting a plateau in battle arena. Im capping out at about 3400 trophies. I really like Postimetrodon and Ankylocodon for their immunity but they just don’t dish out very much damage. Any suggestions?


Use gorgosuchus instead of ankylocodon.


Use monolophosaurus instead of velociraptor you need a nullifier on your team.
All your other dino’s aren’t a usable level yet to replace postimetrodon and alanqa though.


FYI this is what it takes to scrape into Jurassic Ruins. But the requirements obviously go up and up everyday as people improve their teams.


Thats not a scrape thats a leap.


That’s actually really helpful. My biggest issue is that progress seems to come in such low increments, but this gives an idea of what to aim for. Thanks


Thats not the bottom line they’re just not using their team right.


No I mean I just scraped into Jurassic Ruins. Yeah it’s a fair bit above your group atm progress can be slow. Don’t listen to everyone one saying you just don’t know how to use your Dino’s. Sure there’s strategy and it may win you a game here or there but most of us work out what works and the guy with the better team wins.


My biggest issue with mono is that, yes nullification is helpful with Irex and shields, but Indominus has immunity, which makes Monolophosaurus’ other moves pointless and most shield users have SS cleanse


If the guy with the better team wins then why do I have a level 20 stegodeus at 4.4k? Shouldn’t I be losing all my fights then?


Well… It’s still more useful than a velociraptor.

  • Remove velociraptor, replace with monolopo / stygi
  • remove postdimetrodon replace with gorgo
  • focus level on stegoceratop/ stegodeus/ gorgo
  • aim for 1 or 2 legendary
  • Try to use tanks as first dino in battle.
  • keep battling and be patient , wait until you have better dino / level.


Ok smart guy post your team and :trophy:
Because Stegodeus is just 1 of 8.


Besides the fact that your team is under-leveled, I think it just lacks more speed.

Gorgosuchus is a great addition.
Monolophosaurus is situational.

If its me, Id put out Trex for Gorgosuchus and put Monolophosaurus over Ankylocodon.

But, I guess the best solution is to hunt more Dinos, and don’t mind your trophies. :wink:


Here’s my underleveled team you wanted to see.


2 dino’s under level 18 are a weight holding you down.


Indoraptor is overrated if you think having it is going to make you top 500 or something then you’ve never fought one.


Being insta-flagged is fun.


you have a good team, dont let others people opinion ruin your game.


I don’t