Help With the Shake the Earth Event

So I one my first battle in the hatchling league and got in the survivor class. However, all my battles after that I lost because everyone had one or more legendaries that completely overpowered me. My best creatures are in reach respective category: lvl 40 Majungasaurus (x2) (86 damage and 224 health each), lvl 10 Zhejiangopterus (82 damage and 215 health), lvl 30 Argentinosaurus (51 damage and 199 health), and a lvl 30 Limnoscelis (48 damage and 188 health). Is there any way I can rise to the top league?

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You shouldn’t be able to progress much further based on your lineup, watch any number of my tournament videos as well as my ferocity videos on YouTube to get an idea of what you need to bring to the battles to have some success.


Also you need to learn some battle strategies . You’re playing against bots/AI , so learning some tricks is going to go a long way.
Watch his videos to get a lay of the tournaments and ferocity .

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Level 40 commons work in Survivor ( based on my expierience )