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Lost my account due to trying to connect it with Facebook when I was logged in by Google Play.
But something went terribly wrong and it started a new game with a new name and my progress is lost

Have been in contact with support yesterday the 29/5…
I need help, is there any live chat with the support ?

Just get in the new game,press the button level(will be 1 in your current state).Then you will see two tabs Profile and Settings.Press Settings and then you will see the option to Log in with Facebook.Press it and it will ask you if you want to load your older account or make a new one.
Try that and be careful

Have tried it all…
My achievements is still on my googleplay, but it doesn’t want to log me in on it…
When I select my Google account, it takes me to the new…

Disconnect FB and log out in the settings then fully shut down the game and restart it, you’ll get the log in options and can choose GP

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Hey Rasmus_Mirefall, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble loading your saved game.

As other players had suggested, please try disconnecting from your Facebook account from the in-game Settings menu, doing this should prompt your game to log you in through Google Play.

If you are still having issues after doing that, our team will do their best to assist you once they review your ticket.