Helper app?


Are there any apps for dinos like poke genie or calcy iv yet?


What kinds of functionalities would you like to see?


possibility to compare dinos side by side.

quick stats like price for evolution, top stats, etc


I would like this also because many times I have to decide between which dinosaurs I want to concentrate on getting and which ones to leave alone!

Please don’t say Metahub because it’s impossible to use it this way because I have tried and it’s confusing as heck sometimes!

Something where you can put in dinosaurs and look at the stats at different levels organized by rarity or other methods

JWTG had a great site like this that basically just got abandoned over time!


Also a function that allows you to search for certain moves. For example you could search for superiority strike and see a bunch of stegosaurus types but then also see Dino’s like brachiosaurus or Suchotator.


Also something to see move sets, for dinos you don’t have. Evolution calculator, custom sorting, a always updated dino tier list with detailed info, & spawn map. All in one user friendly app please. Whoever designs this should be able to see a profit from the app. Sponsors love dinos.


Dinosaur locator.

If you need particular Dino, you type it’s name and the app is searching for it in some manageable radius (1km?), or at least sends you a notification when that Dino have spawned somewhere around you.