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Helpful additions to Titan Uprising


Okay so this is a very fun, game and I’m very addicted to it, but I have a few suggestions that I’d love the developers to take into consideration. I’d love if there was a thing in the shop where you can buy a reward multiplier for events, so like trust points could be doubled. Just a thought, I would also find it very helpful if the restart cost didn’t go up exponentially, like could you just keep it at 100 for a restart instead of going up to 900?


That would be a good idea, having to buy a multiplier to double the Trust Points that you earn on one event. I really like this idea!

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Good idea, I think that would encourage more spending and feel rewarding too, an extra idea adding to events is perhaps seasoned dragons that are only released during events that are unique rewards would be very helpful for our teams.

It would give a sense of achievement because as it sits all we are doing is slowly earning trusts points and it just doesn’t feel like we gain much each event as of right now, also events should give coins instead of only fish and xp!

1-3 seasons dragons that we could obtain would make events more rewarding than the current grind to 1000 trust points.

Just an idea :grin:


@Kioco I absolutely love your idea!


Thank you for all the great ideas and suggestions! We’ll share these with our team :grin: