Helping with Morem Rex Raid

Today, I’ve been helping others to beat the Mortem Rex raid with three of my accounts and using Auto Fill to get a 4th person. I’ve successfully helped 4 players, each with a different creature. One player I got through on the 2nd try but the others were 1st tries.

The basic set up is Parasauthops and 2 Refrenantems. This is the basic stragegy although it gets altered based on whether the first round goes 2 or 3 turns. I have a strategy for both scenarios.

I can beat the raid so far if the 4th player is Thor, Skoonasaurus, Indotaurus, Diloracherius and another Refrenantem. So long as each player has enough health to handle Mortems cleasing group hit, we survive.

I first worked a strategy with Para and 3 Ref’s but want to be able to help alliance members who don’t have Ref.

I’m having fun helping a mystery person with what ever surprise creature they throw in there. I am just surprised every one has been different and we are able to beat the raid. Till Ref gets nerfed, let the fun continue.