Herbavores speed


Why do all of the beginning herbavores in this have way higher speed then the common therapods I havent seen many of the rares yet so cant tell if the trend continues but what… how is a trike stego or anky faster then a majungasurus or tarboasuarus my level 5 turbo has 105 speed while my like 3 stego has 115 or or maybe 1 point less but still what! That makes no sense idk if they thought it balanced the game better or what but it does not make sense logically


Many herbivores in the wild are as fast or faster than predators. Gazelles and deer are excellent examples. They also generally have greater endurance and can maintain their speed for much longer than predators, again look at gazelles vs cheetah.


While this is true that comparison works more for a parasuar or iguanadon or the many relatives they had little to no armor plating and were designed.to run
This is not true of a trike stego anky any other nig armored dino they are more.similiar to hippos rhinos elephants or other current day herbavores that are.similiar on nature
And plus u made.my point the cheetah is almost as fast or faster then a gazelle so why isnt a majungasurus as.fast as its prey


Another things to consider is REACH. Sure a raptor is much faster than an Apatosaurus. But the big dino has a tail that is 10 times longer than the raptors entire body.

In the wild reach is countered by surprise, its hunter vs hunted and the various tactics that are used. In a game like this is gets boiled down to a basic speed number that exists for balance as much as it does realism.

Personally I think speed should give you a percentage chance to go first and not be a guarantee. Take your dino speed plus how quickly you chose your attack add a random number to that and whomever total is higher goes first. You might have to remove the button mash portion since connection speeds and lag could cause a problem.