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Herbivore Challenge Intensified

Having a problem with the last battle… Anyone have any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On top of having a class disadvantage I also did not have first attack which makes it even harder.

When I go second, I reserve all the way the first two rounds, giving me seven action points in round 3. It will take 4 hits from a Monostegatops or Ankylodocus to kill any of the carnivores. Both of your top herbivores are capable of surviving two individual hits from the Spinoraptors, although not two hits in the same attack. Ankylodocus can survive two individual hits from Tyrannotitan

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If yours runs like mine did, the opponent will not hit early on, so you can store up moves (presuming of course that you’re using a herbi that can’t be 1-hit KO by opponent). My segno 20 is my hardest hitter placed third. So I basically sacrificed my first so my second can take out opposing first while saving up for segno. Mine was close, coz segno is so weak in health. I ended up 3-hit to take out opposing #2 plus 4 block, then opposing #3 went into old boss mode and started 3-hit-1-block. Not sure if it goes on ad infinitum, but I realized it the third time, blocked 3 and stored 1, so ended up 5 hit over 1 block for the final win.

I failed on my first try because the carnivore was able to kill me too quickly so I could only get 2 points reserved and he killed me on the second turn. It went downhill from there since he didn’t even use all his points and I had to use an extra attack point just to take out the first and none of my top herbivores are “heavy hitters” so every point really mattered. The second one also left a point on the table, so my last herbivore didn’t have enough left after blocking to take out the opponent.


It’s a good thing this one lasts 2 days, because I only have 4 herbivore hybrids, so I need to wait like 4 hours between fights for it.

With a tournament starting tomorrow I was really hoping to clear this one early and not have my best herbivores in cooldown.

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I DO have the advantage of not playing tournaments, true (and also, my best herbivore hybrid is a lvl10 ankylodocus so it’s not like it’d make a difference anyway).

Good luck to you.

Just saw the rules for the tournament… which are mostly going to mean playing primarily with carnivores, so looks like it won’t matter too much. Although I could still use them as a lead-off meat shield…


Battles should be scaled, so based on my dino strength, I had a 30 monostego at 2nd and the 20 segno last. Lead off was 40 unayrhynchus, I think. In a sense I needed luck to win this one, as I’m finding out in my infinity battle. I refuse to level up dinos to win. With many dinos I get many tries.

How many LPs do you get for this pack?

You get 390 loyalty points…

Thanks @Andy_wan_kenobi and @DinoStan… I was able to beat it but it took multiple tries… Had to plan it just right as I didn’t have any attacks to spare!