Herbivore Hazard

GG, Ludia

Welp- there’s always next week, eh guys and gals?


Things like this make me think that max level event hybrids are not really worth it, as they just make things harder. Mine was much easier as my top herbivores have similar ferocity.
Btw that Apatosaur has the most health i’ve ever seen in game, other than bosses.


I’m looking forward to see the first opponents with 1mio attack and health.


Nothing that a distraction in the first slot and then two terrifies in slot 2 and 3 can’t handle.

Hopefully this is (maybe) a joke… If so, LMAO and good one!!

If not then bro I like your optimism and all here but this is impossible without forking up DB’s in an effort to get the Clone and/or Terrify Mods. And yet paying out DB’s in order to get fewer DB’s as part of the reward for winning this event would be counter productive.

Either way I’m not wasting resources against something this offensive.


I think he’s right. If i got this right, a single terrify reduces the opponent’s attack by 45%. If you use two, that’s a combined reduction of 90 %. Throw in a distraction and the opponent’s attack should be reduced to zero.


I don’t blame you. Clearly this is designed to force players to fork out DBs to get the only Mods that make this even remotely winnable. At least you don’t have what I got… Survival mod in the second spot (so I have to use Nullify, reducing my options to deal with the much higher stats on the other side… or one of the SR mods like Steal which again, costs DBs generally to get in any kind of numbers). With all the ways Ludia has reduced how we can earn DBs in the game, while constantly forcing these mod events on us that can’t be won without paying for them, it’s no wonder players resort to hacking the game.

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No joke the line up would reduce the opponents attack to zero. The SR MODs are now 100 DB and do not increase. If you haven’t gotten any of those MODs through landing on the SR in the Rare wheel for coins. I actually went nullify with two inspires to follow for my event it wasn’t as crazy as yours but I did have a survival and Toxin MOD to deal with in my final match up.

Okay so I went ahead and did this, just as a test case.


It costed me exactly 1,200 DBs (12 attempts @ 100DBs each) in order to get 2x Terrify MODs.


1x Distraction + 2x Terrify Mods zeroed out the first 2x NPC’s Attack Points; rendering them useless and enabling me to wipe them out without resistance. The third NPC (unexpectedly) had about 700 Attack Points due to its Mod, which was still just low enough for me to land an 8 Attack to finish the job.


There were no DB’s (or even DNA) in the winning pack so it was essentially worthless; save for the standard VIP points for opening a Legendary pack and the standard SDNA for winning the event.

Way ahead:

Allthingsconsidered it’s just not worth losing 1,200 DBs to win one event. It may have been different in years past; but nowadays Ludia has made it to where DBs are the slowest accumulating currency in the game. I’m gonna sit out the next Mods event when it comes to this same scenario.


I know you don’t like to keep MODs on hand, which I get since they do have terrible trade values in the TH. I generally will spend maybe 400-600 DB a week on the SR MODs. But usually I get a couple of handfuls through out the week of the SR MODs through the Rare MOD wheel. But I do a ton of spins and as such have a ton of MODs on hand that litter my TH deals.

A few of the Rare MODs I have over 250 of. And almost exclusively use them in my MOD battles just to try and use them up.

And when prizes like this are to be won it feels like they are worth it:

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Makes sense but it sounds awfully costly… If I do that then I’ll have to give up a ton of great trades in order to pass on all the bad Mods trades that pop up.

If only Ludia would either increase the Mods trade in values then stockpiling them the way you and @Tommi do it wouldn’t be an issue… Or Ludia could even just stop your Mods from coming up at all in the TH if they don’t seem to want us to get rid of them…

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I use my clone and steal SR Mods exclusively for these events. I usually buy enough when there’s a discount on Mod’s.

Took me three tries, but I finally won my third round.

But I never spend bucks to buy mods.
The only super rare mod I need to succeed in these very hard events is clone in the first spot. Since my AFS seems to be well balanced at the moment I’m still able to win without any extraordinary investment.

It was clear from the beginning that your reward was not worth it.

My line up is fine for most of the other events; it’s just this particular Mods event that I need to see stay out of (which is fine, I just wanted to highlight in this post how incredibly high the NPC’s ferocity was compared to my line up). The issue with other events is that my cool downs take a long time, but I usually still win most of the other events.

Plus my TH is significantly less cluttered than yours and the benefit from this cannot be overstated. I get way more DB’s and VIP Points out of the harbor than I would if I stockpiled Mods.

I know you sold off your Level 30 Indoraptor in an effort to balance out your line up but my idea of completely “beating,” this game will be to one day max out every creature. And I’m not even that far right off, albeit I may not max out Indoraptor (Level 31), Dunkleosaurus (Level 20), and/or Megarchelon (Level 10) for a looong time due to balancing purposes.


My aim in the faaaaaaar future is to max out every creature too. I do not see any other aim in the game right now.
I’m not sure if I will see that day, maybe if there’s a good internet connection everywhere.
TH, you are probably right, I plan to clean my inventory.


Just a remark, the above is not my original post. Instead of ‘everywhere’ I used a phrase to describe kingdom come, which was obviously not appropriate and corrected by @Jason, sorry for that.