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Herbivore redesigning for 1.11/2.0

Honestly herbivores have gotten the least appreciation and love and I feel that they should get some buffs and some special unique moves ( u know like most creatures used to have in the early days) here some concepts. Some are completely reworks whole other are just some minor tweaks

Slashing strike- deal 1x damage, DoT.05 for one turn(can’t be stacked)

Thagomizer- deals 1.5 times damage, reduce opponents speed reduced for 3 turns. DoT .25 for 2 turns. cool down 3

Dig-In (reworked) cleanse, regenerate 40% of hp. 60%shield for two down 2.

Club smash: deal 2x damage target is vulnerable for this and next turn. Delay 1. Cool down 1

Injuring strike: deal one times damage, bypass shields, DoT.20 for one turn

Intimidate- priority. Stun opponent for 100% gain 50% shield for two turns

Impaling charge- deal 1.5 times damage by pass shields. DoT .25 for 2 turns. Cool down 2.


Tail whip- deal one times damage by pass armor. 50% chance to daze opponent(meaning you stop there attack that turn)

Body slam- deal 2x damage bypass shields and armor- opponent is critically vulnerable for one turn (does 40%more damage)Delay 1 cool down 2

Evasive strike: deal 1x damage. Gain 75% chance to dodge 66% for one turn.

Head-smash: deal 1.5x damage. 75%chance to stun. Target is vulnerable for two turns

Distract and flee. Deal 1.8x damage. Opponents attack is reduced by 50% for two turns. Automatic swap.

And finally HADROSAURS -

Alert strike: deal 1x damage, increase speed by 5%(can’t be stacked), 50%chance to dodge 100% of opponents damage.

Trample and flee: deal 1.5x damage. Gain 75% to stun. Automatic swap.


Trying not to make things to long I’m gonna add the last few things here

Ankylosaurs: now the minimum armor will be 40% and the max 70%

Sauropods: now have a new ability called thick hide. This helps against bleeders since it stops the effect after the first tick

Pachys and Dracos: all gain immune to stuns

Ceratopsians: lose swap in moves in favor for swap in ferocity and a minor counter attack

Hadrosaurs: gain swap-in acute stuns; immune to swap prevention


Very interesting ideas here, I’d like herbivores getting their more specific signature moves :grinning:

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Lol thank tried to match the moves their physical appearance and would be behavior.

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Honestly never understood why everything was watered down to rampages, impacts and strikes, and just adding to what ever it could do to the front. I like some variety in my Dinos u know

Cool. Except for bleed and speedup not stacking. Giving those moves an appropriate cooldown would be safer. I highly doubt Ludia would change the way a mechanic works just for one move, and spoil the consistency present throughout the rest of the game.
They could, but then they could also give superhybrids hybrids and whatnot.

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True but didn’t want to just have either, strike or a superiority move cause they have been done to death

Honestly I think this would help like their hybrid a lot to bring back to the meta since many have fallen out of grace

I like a lot of the ideas, and the thought of having really diverse abilities and effects would make things so much more interesting. After all, the ceratopsians got their damage output nerfed significantly, and I feel that sauropods (especially pure/herbivore-only hybrids) have never really been heavy hitters, just long lasting.

As for thagomizer, I’d always seen it as a move that would cause vulnerability rather then a bleed, and I think vulnerability causing moves would be more useful on herbivores in general. Let them get some extra damage.

True but you got remember they like ceratopsians had horns and spikes so gashing and impaling make more sense for what there defenses actually were and for the ankylosaurs it makes sense for vulnerability since they got a giant clubs that shatters bones are at least injuries them heavily

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Also thanks it took my a couple hours to think of the moves and how to make them balanced :innocent:

Thagomizer should’ve been like this from the very beginning, but its not.

Lol exactly especially that it has the longest cool down of any slowing move for something that basically an impact but worse

But I think in the old days it might have been to op since there weren’t that many counters


Armour piercing strike
Long Defence
Decelerating Impact/rampage

Increased health by 1k

I love the idea above of thick hide too!


Lol I think body slam would do more damage than devistation and thxs makes sense since there skin was super tuff and thick

Although I think it’s health is fine