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Herbivore week survey

What rares epics and uniques did y’all choose for the survey


Common: stego, ankylo, mira and para
Rare: draco, argentino and tenonto
Epic: diplo and pachy
Unique: ardentis


Commons: don’t remember
Rare: draco, nasuto, and touj
Epics: brachi, diplo
Unique: mammolania

Can anyone send the link??? Haven’t voted yet.

That’s odd, I don’t remember Dracorex being an option

Commons: Don’t remember.

Rares: Nasutoceratops, Tenontosaurus and Tuojangosaurus.

Epic: Sornorasaurus and Pachycephalosaurs.

Unique: Mammolania.

Should be in the news in game

Well it isn’t there just yet

I did this
Common: Trike g2 stego and idk what else
Rare: Argentino tenato and something else
Epic: Pachy and Diplo
Unique: The chunky one

Wait last rare was tuo

Commons: triceratops gen 2, stego, aptosaurus, euphlocephlus
rare: draco, argentino and tenonto
epic: diplo and kentro
unique utarinex


Phew finally voted!
Commons: Miragaia, Apatosaurus, Brontotherium and idr
Rares: Tuojiangosaurus, Nasutoceratops and Elasmotherium
Epics: Pachycephalosaurus and Diplodocus
Uniques: Ardentismaxima even though I didn’t have Mammolania at lvl 30

Can’t remember the Commons and Rares, but Epics were Diplo & Sonora and the Unique was Mammo

Commons: Can’t remember
Rares: Tenontosaurus, Elasmotherium, and some other third one I don’t really care about (need Elasmo for the achievements and Tenontosaurus is the Rare everyone should really be voting for tbh)

Epics: Diplo and Sonorra

Uniques: Ardentismaxima

Though it’s the one week where we get to dart a Unique and of course the ones they offer, I’m all maxed out on :rofl:

Common- ?,?,?,?
RARE- Nasuto, tenonto ,and ?
EPIC- Sonora and Diplo

Gemini is epic, how dude…??

Common forgot
Rare Tenoto, Nasuto, Dracorex
Epic Diplo, Sonora
Unique Mammo

I meant Diplo. I was thinking of the hybrid