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Here are some new abilities and passives I made


Blood Spray is really weird. I would just have it be an instant lethal wound, or instant Lethal Swoop. The lock down only helps if the creature using it doesn’t have No Escape and the opponent has 0 resistance to Swap Prevention (good luck finding that). Also that Attack .25 is useless, as this would likely go on something with 1000-1200 damage. It’s not a bad idea, not too great. Also I would just have it not Nullify Dodge. This is a fierce move, not a resilient.

Instant Devastation. 3 turn delay is too long. The creature will likely be dead before it gets to use it. And this would likely help counter its counters. Unlike with the Blood Spray, where it’s main damage is DoT that can be cleansed that turn, this is just an instant 3x move, so it’s almost unusable due to that long Delay, but if it becomes available, nothing with be able to stop it completely besides ID from a faster creature, a swap in that kills the creature using this, or you just have the health/armor to tank this. This allows the creature to likely counter what should be countering it.

Passive Deactivation is kinda cool, but it can also be broken. So I’m iffy on this one. Cool concept though.

Reflecting Counter. The creature with this will be really unfun to play against, given that your damage will now be some of their damage, and then they can attack as well. Unlike most counters, this can’t be worked around and predicted.

On Escape Splash is decent. When Threatened it isn’t that good though. You trade cleansing for deceleration on a creature that’s already swapping out and Swap Prevention on said creature. I would just get rid of the alert part. Really kills this move.

Multi Attack. Minimal Stunning Strike, but better. No thank you, we already had those days, don’t want them again. Could make it Pierce Armor and inflict Vulnerability at the same time though, and call it Piercing Vulnerability.

On Escape Retreat. A worse On Escape Heal, as this can make you swap when you really don’t want to. This would be a deterrent for anyone wanting to use the creature with this move.

Stampede. This move sucks, plain and simple. All someone has to do is get you below 66.7% of your health in 2 turns, and they don’t have to worry about you using that. Again, just take off the Alert. Once again kills the move.

Overall these are decent ideas, just need to focus on balancing them out a bit more. But good job with them, they seem like it took a good bit of effort on your part.

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Thx for the reply, might change some of them to make them better, also, what your opinion on swap in and out

I forget to say that muit attack is like spin wheel where there 3 things that can happen but only 1 can happen each time you use the move

I forgot about that. I don’t really care for it as an attack, but if it was a debuff, that could be interesting.

You didn’t tell me you opinion on swap in and out

I know. What I’m saying is this would essentially be a better version of Minimal Stunning Strike. I think this would be better if you dropped the stun, and combined Piercing and Vulnerable

That is my opinion. I don’t like it being an attack, but if you changed it to a debuff, it could lead to more interesting plays than just swap in attack and swap out to another swap in.

Wait for me, I going to make something

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I’m made these

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These are decently balanced. I like them.