Here I come, lockwood estate!

Finally broke 5000. The final battle was very intense and I was 0-2 due to the opponent’s stegod, my suchotator saves the day by killing the stegod with tiny bit of health left, then kill the upcoming enemy pyrritator and bleeds off indoraptor for the win!

All I have to say is, never give up even in situations that’s not in your favor.


What level is your Sucho? Mine is a 20, but I keep pulling him in and out of my team.

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My suchotator is level 23, very close to 24. I love her, it’s a very tactical dino. She is often able to kill indo that is higher level than her.

I’m not giving up on mine yet. Just need to play with my team dynamics a bit. Just hit a massive losing streak today after making it to Ruins. Got knocked on my butt back to Sorna haha.

I guess I cannot stay here for long as well as my dinos are really not quite there yet. Anyway, congrats to you for making to the ruins. As long as you get there, it’s a sweet achievement!

Don’t give up on suchotator yet. Ruins is a tank heavy place. SS might be changed and bleeding dinos might become better. Even now, mine can bring a stegod down to a point where I can send in a set up dino to finish it off.

That’s the goal. Bring them down until my Gorgo can come in to clean up and then hopefully one shot the next dino :grin:

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Congrats! And the leaderboard as well! :champagne:

I arrived there recently as well and won exactly one battle before crash landing back into the ruined wasteland (I’m so tired of Arena 8)… but that’s how it goes when you arrive in a new arena.

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Take a sneak peek first then try to officially stand there. :grinning:

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