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Here iiiiiiit cooooomeeees (Tournament reset awards)


Just got my reward for being over 3.5k. 268 dna of pyro, 51 for ourano, 435 for irritator, and the rest not so much… i did count that 5k for iguanodon part out…
So what do you guys get?

PS: thanks for the present Ludia. The amount literally surpass my expectation. None of an incubator in the store I can find holds that much content😄

3500+ trophies reset reward released
Tournament reset awards



lucky you got irritator



Just got a reward mail, forgot to take a picture.
But I was around rank 50 before reset, and got 1200 cash, about 70000 coins, and a full DNA set equal to an epic incubator.

Yeah, I think this is good enough, thx.
Still, plz give me those atk you suddenly took from Dilorano back.:angry:


Best thing I got was raptor dna and sinoceratops


I did not receive the 1200 cash I see others getting. I’m curious to know what the break point for receiving it was. I was at 4500+ trophies prior to the reset.

Edit: Never mind, I’m guessing this was given to individuals who finished in the top 500 prior to the reset. I did not realize that the chart that was shared for future rewards would apply to this reset.


62,158 coins :heart_eyes:
3,820 Einiosaurus :frowning:
1446 Suchomimus :frowning:
446 Kaprosuchus :slight_smile:
91 Echo :no_mouth:
111 Spinosaurus Gen 2 :heart_eyes: but now on 143/150 :frowning:
206 Gryposuchus :no_mouth: unlocked that one earlier today but nice XP for two levels

Not great but hey - it was free :smiley:

Damn - the 1200 cash that some got would have been useful - none at all :frowning:


I got about 62000 coins
About 3000 Ankylosaurus gen 2
About 800 Apatosaurus
About 70 Karposuchus
About 450 Nodosaurus
About 130 Sinoceratops
And about 170 Baryonxy

Pretty happy with that. Finally got my raptor to level 20 with the coins


1200 cash
65,000 coins
4667 dracorex gen 2
1824 gallimus
354 proceratosaurus
309 Utah raptor
109 stigmoloch
289 baryonyx


Sharing my contents. Was in Top 500 around 400th rank during reset.


looks like complete randomn as I had epic baronyx and koola in my epic, the 62000 coins and the 1200 cash was sick tho :+1:


I’ve got 61211 coins, 2349 Stygimolch Gen 2, 2497 Allosaurus, 150 Giraffatitan, 345 Gorgosaurus, 145 Koolasuchus, 146 Ankylosaurus AND 12 Utasinoraptor :heart_eyes:


Yes, DNA reward is just simply give you a normal epic incubator.
So you’ll randomly got anything you can gain from 24h incubator.


This one is a bit better, you get coins and cash.


Holy crap, that’s a brilliant reward


Am soo happy with the 1200 cash and 60k coins!! Time to level up a couple more dinos :grin:


Utahsinoraptor? Wooow


Power up my Stegodeus from lv25 to lv26 > broke again.:rofl:
Still, that really deserve. Or I’ll need spend almost a week to collect coins.


How much does that take to level up anything at level 25?