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Here is a challenge

Go for a while in arena without your overboosted Thor and Draco. If you can do this then you know how to play strategically and will have more respect because you did not rely on the cheap way out. There is the challenge.


What is considered overboosted? Boosted more than the rest of the team, boosted at all, or a specific tier of boosts? Just want some clarification. Mines only t5 which is inline with the rest of my team.

Like a 140 something speed Thor and a 140 something speed Dracocera. Both with ample amounts of attack like tier 6 or tier 7. Mind you they are both level 23

I do not have a Thor or Draco on my team. Now without Kapro and Erlidom on the other hand…

Don’t have either anywhere near that. Don’t use thor anyway, and DC: lv 20 t5, so it isn’t that horrible of a rat.

New challenge. Play your team the way you want and let others play theirs and not complain about teams and mm.


I don’t have DracoceRAT-OPs on my team, but I do have a level 30 5-5-6 Thor. I only bring him out when I need to counter something like the rat, Tryko, or tanks, or I have no other choice. I never start with it.

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The whole definition of being strategic in any game is using all the tools available to you. You wouldn’t replace the crazily ‘OP’ Queen with a pawn in a chess game, well, I wouldn’t, and neither would anyone else with an IQ higher than a carrot.

There’s always gonna be something OP in this game, we had Velo, Stegodeus, and all the others, the only constant is the endless whining about it in here.

I think Draco has fallen behind in the last couple of Updates, Thor too, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, it all evens out in the end. Not using Thor or Draco due to some misplaced sense of chivalry does not make you a better or more strategically talented player than those who do.

I think Ludia are deliberately not nerfing Draco just to get under the skin of folk like you. Bravo.

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I’m calling it. The next OP is going to be Yoshi.

I agree with the last part 100%.

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It’s okay, i think it’s those players’ loss if they choose the thor-rat combo play style.

Why? Explain it to me please, cos I just don’t get it.

this post makes no sense… my team is boosted equally at t7. you will probably consider my thor overboosted then right?? i dont run dc and when i get thor on my team i dont think i won the match…

Or maybe the nature of this post was more than likely for trolling. Thanks for taking the bait. Have a nice day