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Here is the deal Ludia

You will have to pay me to even step in your arena.
5 battles-100.00
10 battles-150.00
15 battles-200.00
20 battles-250.00
25 battles-300.00

So on so forth. I figure I should get paid for even attempting your unbalanced arena. I mean in a way you are taxing my mental health and taxing my time as well. So time is money like they always say.
Mind you I can do it as many times you want, you just have to show the money.

I will include my PayPal later on.


why stop at 25 battles? go on to 30, 35, 40, hell add up to 100 battles. There is no limit.


I am trying not to be overly greedy. I am just doing it for the sting


Ah, fair enough. Good luck on your bargaining.


Once you stop caring about the arena the game becomes way more enjoyable… at this point i play the game when im out and about… or on breaks at work… still earning coins, dna, upgrading my team. But i play the arena very sparingly at this point sometimes not even getting my carbo.

When i get home and wanna play something competitive i got lots of options that are actually competitive and fun. Jwa arena is just a treadmill for boosts at this point… with alanqa on a stick.

Playstore has this game sitting at 242 in the top grossing which means it dropped 30 spots since last week despite all the boosts sales.

Boosts 3.0 patch might actually make it out before 1.11 if they keep dropping down the charts.


There are aspects of the game that I enjoy. The arena and tournaments are not one of them. They are at ground level on my list.


Yeah so why bother? To frusterate yourself? Once you give up on arena… the need to level your team becomes way less… just strong enough for strikes.

Sure your gonna progress slower… but you wont have to be smacked around by higher level players to remind you how far you have to go.

I just play arena to fill incubators. My goals are to get both supply drop items maxed daily and find some good dna out hunting. I also wanted to complete my dinodex which I have. Now I’m trying to get a maxed level unique, I have 4 at 28. Max my utasinoraptor it’s 29.5 and now I’m trying to get that turtle nasutoceratops hybrid to 20 to be ready for a hybrid. I play to collect hunt and grind. I don’t worry about my trophy level. Sure losing sucks but it’s whatever. I’ve got over 2 million coins too.

Nice to see someone else complaining. Rather than insult you as a lot of members do to make themselves feel better. Let’s list some reasons why the arena is important to players other than those looking for a trophy count. And also ways Ludia can solve these issues outside of the Tournament.

Here are a few I can think of.
Daily missions
Alliance missions
Alliance membership (having a trophy score is one way to tell it a player is active. 0 trophies can get you booted in some places)

a third tab at the top of the screen (Campaign - Tournament - PvP)
Max Tournament level reached still governs the Incubator unlocks but Incubators can be earned in normal PvP. In this PvP mode opponents would be select based on team only and not trophy count and the arena background would be random each match. Here you can select boosted or unboosted and Rarity level. so, you can go all rarity levels or just common, rare, epic or whatever you want (rats only legendary lol). Just like the Tournament AI will be used if no opponents are found. These battles count toward missions too

As for the Activity thing maybe a green light for active past 24 hrs, yellow for past 48 hrs and red after that.

@Ned Please pass this along. It will help solve a lot of conflict and allow players more freedom to battle as they like best. Even some players that never go near the Tournament might enjoy this option.


I agree about unboosted arena and boosted. I made a huge thread when Boost first came out in 1.7 I wrote all the details out and rewards how it could work for everyone. They must’ve thought it was a bad idea lol. Thread is called “implement 3 battle modes” under the suggestion category if you’d like to search for it.

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Can you throw in some predatory tactics swell, it wouldn’t seem right without them.

Also a Monomimus nerf is needed if to you wanna be taken seriously.

I post a similar thing there too.

People complain about indoraptor G2 and precera being OP and we see both Blue and precera this weekend. Now how do we complain to get this new PvP option?

Ludia stopped giving a damn about arena when they added boosts and went for the cash over player satisfaction lol.

I have been watching the evolution of posts by a number of members on this forum for a while now, and I see the exact same pattern I went through.

Basically this:

  1. Notice imbalance in arena.
  2. Ask devs to fix said imbalances.
  3. Get ignored
  4. Try a lower arena to avoid said problem dinosaurs and bad matchmaking (using dinosaurs levels appropriate for that arena)
  5. Fail to find fair fights.
  6. Try putting together fun teams
  7. Matchmaking and boosts wreck said attempt.
  8. Play less arena to lower stress
  9. Try arena again…and get ratted over and over.

It all leads to the same result…quitting the game entirely due to their incompetence and utter disregardfor their players enjoyment.

Its amazing how a company’s greed can send a great gane totally down the toilet due to their idiocy.


Poor monomimus. :joy::joy:

World view: Nukes makes countries too OP
Ludia’s solution: Give everyone Nukes


Coming in patch 1.11: Ridable dinosaur Thermo nuclear armed Draco-Wrecks (arena).


Reminds me of an old cartoon from the early 90s called Dino Riders

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Not only did i used to watch that as a kid, i used to own the Trex action figure and the Bronto with the seats on the side lol, and my uncle owned one of the Cobra headed snake people toys lol

Same here. I used to have all the toys

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