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Here is the problem, could this be a solution?

So the problem is that the progress in pvp stops for so many of us at 5000 trophies.

To be absolutely honest it stalls at 4750 for a while then stops pretty much altogether at 5000 whereupon so many players fluctuate between 4900 and 5100 for months and in some cases a year or more!

Why is this?

Well from experience I can say it’s because so many players are in this bracket with teams that could easily hold their own at 5500+ if they could just get up there. And the reason they can’t reach it is simple - there are way too many players crammed in the bracket and when you lose 40 trophies to players who have a team at least as good as yours if not better you’re going to be lucky to stay where you are, never mind move up.

So why not stop the ridiculous clogging up in this area every month with a reset that guarantees the same thing happening time after time? That would at least be a start to solving it.

And maybe add an arena or two so the thousands of us stuck here could at least feel there is some hope. Because sitting in the same place month after month after month sucks ……


I agree monthly reset is the main problem. At least reset people at their current score at the end of the season.

In the current setup there is another issue. People in gyrosphere depot all drop to 5499 instead of 5499 and 5750 like it is in lockwood library where you get reset at 4999 or 5250.

how about everyone with 5,500 resets to 5,500. after 7,000 trophies u’ll e reset 1k back. 5,500 will be 5,500. 6,000 will be 5,500. 7,000-7,999 will be 6,000. and so on.

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Still a lot of players in 5500 after the reset, but I absolutely love your idea. Nothing worse than facing top 100 players after the reset, so at least that would take care of that.

The existence of the trophy bottleneck is something that’s super easy to see. Either Ludia doesn’t care, or they think this benefits their bottom line. Either way, it’s discouraging, and it likely gets more players to quit than to buy boosts. So with that said, I see no harm in your suggestion. Creating two new locations for arenas, and redesigning the reset don’t seem like massive resource-sinks. I think Ludia should prioritize it.


It definitely pushes people out of the arena. With the next alleged changes to resilient moves I might play unboosted now that I have unlocked nublar shores. At least that way, you can change your team every day if you want to.

I’d say make more arenas to progress to. It’s been done before and (to my knowledge, anyway) it worked well.

I agree that adding another arena would help fix the overcrowding starting around the 5000+ trophy range. Along with this, I believe there should also be better arena rewards (more coins, creature DNA, etc) in Library, Gyrosphere, and Shores to encourage further trophy progression. Right now there isn’t enough incentive to progress beyond Aviary because the rewards for PvP battles are all the same as you increase your trophy count (except for seasonal PvP rewards).


This sounds like a good idea. Maybe something like Main Street from JW:TG or something else around Isla Sorna.

Some great responses here, let’s hope some are heard by the powers that be.

I’ve stopped buying boosts now as it makes no difference to my progression, and I hear the same from so many players like myself who are in the same position

Those would make for some interesting arena settings. I’d personally would like to see an arena located outside the tyrannosaur paddock from Jurassic Park. It would be especially neat if there was rain and thunder effects, as well as the broken enclosure wiring and overturned car from the JP rex breakout scene.

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Oooh, I like that one.

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I suppose all we can really do is wait and see what Ludia does to address this issue. Hopefully they are at least listening to us and trying to improve the game for the better.

As for boosts, I stopped worrying about then almost completely now. I’ve shifted my focus from boosting my PvP team to boosting raid creatures. Honestly, I feel a greater sense of progression when I get my raid creatures to a useable level rather than achieving a higher trophy score in the arena.

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I’ve been stuck between 4900 and 5200 for probably the best part of a year and a half now. I’ve just passed 5200 consistently and have a high score of 5300 odd.

my average team level is about 26ish with my highest being 28, lowest 24.
I don’t see myself getting to 5500 for a long time as i’m already facing teams of level 30’s on a regular basis. i’ve seen lvl 30 teams as low as 4900 trophies albeit not as often as 5k+

Not that this is a solution but it would be nice to be rewarded with more trophies if i beat a team that’s much higher level and with more boosts than me

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I have been from 4900- 4700 for a long time and I just can not seem to progress any further in the arena. I am always facing creatures that are level 30s which is something my team can not deal with. Something needs to happen to matchmaking, or a new arena needs to be put in place. The aviary is where most of this problem occurs because it is the midway point between the estate and the library. All I want to do it progress but it is basically impossible with all these level 30 teams.


Two things are needed - firstly, stop with the resets. They are not needed. It causes problems every time the trophies are reset, Secondly, three or four new Arena levels on top of where we are so that players can increase and not bottleneck the lower players.


I agree no more boost resets. Only boost shuffles

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I was referring to trophy count resets but you are correct about boost resets too. I hadn’t thought of that but I agree, it would be much better.