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Here is the problem (Tournament rant again)

Seven matches in the tourney so far
Five wins, two losses
Wins: +20, +20, +20, +20, +20
Losses: -37, -40, both against boosted high level Procerats, with no chances of winning
Barely above where I started after almost 1 hour playing the tournament… And that’s winning more than twice as many matches as I lost.

Another tourney of ProceRAT + ridiculous medal system…
So much fun!


Wow these players have an awful amount of skill


Lvl 30 sacroc, lvl 30 raptor, and of course a lvl 30 gamma

The trophy count is stupid, win 20, lose 40, that means not only was your work useless, but you get nothing from it.


Hardly their fault they are getting matched with you

I’m not even going to bother. I’m just gonna get my 10 takedowns, and leave. Not like I’m not overloaded with Tenonto DNA anyway.

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Yes i know it isn’t really their fault but my point is that the matchmaking is bad. I honestly would love that gorgo on my team


Taken mine to L27; its a bit of a beast.

So many battles, so many tries, to barely reach the ridiculus amount of 350 DNA

Good job LUDIA!! Love your game!

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Wait until you face lvl 30s procerathomimus with 2000+ damage and 140+ speed


Honestly, this different amount of starting medals has only made things worse. You can basically go backwards in tourneys, especially advantage ones. The highscore you start with is what many will end up with, or maybe just a little higher… Brilliant…

Took 12 battles for the wife to get her 10 takedowns but shes done.
Me? I’m loving the slaughter. LOL
Advantage for some, skill tourneys for others.
I’m glad there’s variety.


I would say: skill for most, advantage for a few.

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YAY! just love loosing 40 trophies to someone who swept my team with a lv 30 boosted creature! Why is that still going on. That obviously is much more powerful than my team. so why did i loose 40?


The moment I saw this freak, I left the game immediately. I barely started the battles and I’m already wanting to give up …

Edit: I had 4 battles. The four I lost about 35-40 trophies … What an amazing tournament!

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First thing I fought in my first match was a level 30 Purrutaurus. It took out two of my guys, but I finally took it down with my third.

Then this thing rocks out…

Lost 40 trophies.

I swear I nearly packed it all in after one match.

These Advantage tourneys are just a gift to the whales who can afford to plough boosts into mid-tier dinos.


It’s because the players with those freaks are probably just starting to play the tournament, so their rank is still in range of yours or even lower… But then again, who knows?.. This system is a mess. That’s why the different amount of starting medals doesn’t solve anything, or may even make it worse sometimes.

Here’s my advice for this tourney. Get your 10 takedowns, then take a break till sunday. Most things have settled into something more reasonable by then


How about Monday?

Reminder to everyone that they announced the boost reset today - lots of hoarders are probably dumping them all on these tournament dinos knowing they won’t have to wait long to get them all back.