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Here l go again

So, this is my team:

I have only one health boost on Ardentis, literally just ONE boost on my entire team
This is the team I have to fight…

This Maxima’s health was 9480 and attack 2291.

It means Max had 12 boosts on health and 18 boosts on attack. Most of the other creatures were decently boosted as well.

So my questions are:
1- How am I supposed to fight those creatures?
2- Is this a balanced matchmaking? (obviously not)
3- Is Ludia fixing the matchmaking and other stuffs or will they just wait for other top players to leave?

Please, keep Jurassic World Alive ALIVE! Listen to the player’s voice…

  1. You dun.

  2. Matchmaking fixes without actual other changes are pointless

  3. Ludia thinks nothing is wrong.

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The arena is straight up broke at the moment.
Ludia has been notified by many people.
All we can do is pretty much wait for a fix.


That’s exactly why I said fix the matchmaking and other stuffs. But they seem to ignore those things for months now

Funny thing is, they could easily change Nublar Shores timer when they needed to. So that is 1 giant start they could do now or 3 months ago.

IDGT told them so in November 2019 by putting a boost limit for how much you could farm a day. Any update from 1.11 to 2.0 could have implemented that plus buff the incubator rewards. Better incubator rewards with a boost limit means Ludia has set a target for the whales to hit and thus spend thousands of HC per day.

Why should high rollers spend to make themselves angry?

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That’s Ludia’s plan. Giving unboosted players that emerged after reset no chance so they have to boost their dinos. Giving 3 boost towers a week makes the problem worse

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The match making isn’t too much of a problem. It is either they are the dropper or you are super high with the Dino’s you have. It’s based on trophies, not creatures. Maybe your just very high for your level


There are some changes to make it better tho

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Not losing 40 points for the privilege of getting smashed by a team with roided up Dinos would be a good one…

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Limit drop to one arena… problem fixed…

Team strength, at least under Aviary, is part of the matching. So a smaller player can go further thinking they are high aviary when in reality they are not…their team was not big enough to match against true high aviary. Then they build up a bit, and wham, they start getting opponents they think are droppers when in reality they are facing actual people that should be at the level they are. This is why others and myself speak of there being different leagues.

So, this is where the problem comes in. If strength is part of the equation (which it is) then why do players sometimes match against +4 +5 level teams? Why is it that some players NEVER fight against smaller teams, but are always placed against bigger teams, who are obviously fighting smaller teams. Why do we lose more points than we gain? Its not a consistent system and it causes a lot of people a lot of frustration.

Straight trophies with a limit to dropping would solve these issues (with the removal of the timers in the upper levels.)


Then remove the strenght system completley and it will be fair. It will limit how high people with 15’s can go and where people with 30’s can go.


I completely agree. Strength should have no bearing and then with limited dropping, everything would normalize.

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Hey @Ned. You should bring this to your team and maybe they will listen.

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Thank you, Colin. I can definitely share the feedback here with our team.

ok, thx. Can they also look at this. I think it would mak eit easier for people with raids.

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If this is indeed their plan, then we’ll have more and more people quitting…

Well, if I am very high for my level so we indeed have a matchmaking problem, don’t we?

This is something I can’t understand. The Maxima I faced destroyed me and I lost 40 trophies… I should have lost 20 and they should have won 5 trophies, it was a guaranteed win so it didn’t matter what i did. If they were off-line they would still win


If you lose a lot then it’ll bring you too were you should be faster so you can start winning and get your incubator or whatever quicker because that arena doesn’t seem like where you should be if those are your dinos.

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