Here my line up - where next

I been playing about for 4 months top.Been long lurker here so this lineup is much help form all topics in here.
I am lost now and do not know where to go next.I see that i am lacking in carnivore department but but dont know hat next carnivore will be good in my line up.
Want to close ferocity lvl close to 4k for now.
Taking slow.
All help appreciated.


Instead of your carnivores it is your amphibians that are malnourished. I suggest working on them, maybe max a few Postos

I also got Bageherpton from tournament today so that will be coming in my lineup in future.Thanks for replay

a tournament win with that lineup is pretty good. did it cost you any bucks?

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I was always on the lookout.Did not use any cooldown dino bucks if that you mean.Only battle ones.Got some lucky wins i guess.Some bad loses.Worst thing is wait for carnivores to get of cool down period.
Anyway hardest tournament i participate but managed somehow.

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If u can get diplosuchus to level 20 it’s an absolute unit in tourneys. I have a few at level 20. They have a very low cool down and are so good in tournaments bc of how many carnivores u face


make a ferocity jump, 20 diplo and try to get the 2 superhybrid: tapej and mono, they both will help in the tournament, I have 5 of each and I win most of the time


Will be start working on them.Have already some s-hybrid dna saved for those two.Till then hope for less ferocious tournaments in future :slight_smile:

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Little update on my lineup






That is a decent lineup. Although your pteros are lacking…

Will probably have Dimorphodon in future on level 40 maybe some Pelecachtylus.Nothing more i can do for now.Only i can hope for some tournament pterosaurus in the future.

Max dimorodon ASAP. Metriacanthosaurus has a CoT.

That hybrid is a game changer.Always give me hard time in tourneys.
Cant wait too put him in my ptero line up.Till then will probably have one more Tapejalosaurus and Tropeogopterus and start collecting s dna for Tapejalocephalus.