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Here’s an idea for Ludia

It’s obvious to anyone that has been playing this game for a while that there is imbalance with some of the creatures in this game.

Because of the way that the new players get the buzz of whizzing up the arena early on, I can totally see why we have such anomalies like Rixis, Monolometrodon, and Dracoceratops, as they give players the belief that they are doing really well.

However, and this is where I see the problem. The same players hit a massive wall after the initial meteoric rise and although they may hit level 10 quickly, (and start boosting Rixis and Monolometrodon to try and keep progressing), as soon as they hit aviary they will be stuck there for ages.

So my idea is for Ludia to stop tempting players to believe the game will be a breeze by making it so easy early on. Do away with the op dinos that cause so much consternation later on. Balance them so they aren’t so op and let the players progress without the inevitable crutch these creatures are. Give the players a realistic perspective early on instead of the false hope the game gives in the early days. Once players have put boosts into a creature they will be angry if it’s nerfed.

Maybe if this was implemented we would get people staying with the game long enough to help with the aviary/library backlog. As it is we just have a massive amount of players in the same 4500 - 5500 area and less players above it. I would guess at least half of these players end up giving up on making any more progress in the arena through the sheer frustration of continuously building up their team to just stand still.


The backlog is nothing to do with players having easy creatures early. It’s all to do with Ludia’s decision to reset trophies monthly and allow the top players easy access to opponents who “donate” trophies to them. All of which are lost in the monthly reset.

If Ludia had bothered to allow the top players to run away from the pack and let them fight among themselves from day 1 of 1.7, none of the Clog would even happen. Resets were too aggressive, trophies were 0 sum games and too many players got stuck in the gears of both “features” to play more.


I agree that the monthly reset is a part of the issue that creates such a back log, but with respect, if players continued to progress in any way shape or form from 4500 - 5500 they would be up in gyro and shores and there would be enough players to make matchmaking equally as fulfilling up there.

When I first started playing this game just after launch it took me ages to progress in the arenas. When I started an alt account 18 months later it was an absolute breeze to make it to aviary. No time at all thanks to Monolometrodon, Rixis, alliances and monthly tournaments.

My guess is that it’s intentional. They want you to get that far, so close to the endgame areans, so you think you’re doing well.

I do agree with you though, these easy to make nightmares shouldn’t be a thing. From a balance POV, I shouldn’t see any of those in library, yet DC is a staple it seems and the other two are showing up more frequently (faced a 156 Sarco the other day, couldn’t do anything to beat it).

Also agreeing with resets though, I’m so content in Gryosphere, then along comes that pathetic reset and I’m practically back in Aviary at certain points. I don’t want to play your seasonal tournaments, Ludia. Most of them have garbage rewards. Let me decide if I want to participate.


How do you expect players to be able to hit Gyro if they cannot get a streak of wins? Up to Library, there is no reset so you continue as is. Everyone from Depot and Shores is reset down to Library and Depot respectively. Every month the total trophies in game is reducing and made worse by the top 10 players hoarding easily 3k trophies each above their starting point. That is 1000 players’ 1 win. If Ludia changed the win/loss to 60/30 for example and reset in stages, the Clog would ease but still be there.

As for the monsters, that is something Ludia has to fix. But with or without them, arena progress would be waste material.